Pris K. from San Gabriel

Pris K. from Yelp

Location: San Gabriel, CA

Review Date: November 12, 2013

Customer Review: Found this company on Yelp and based on great reviews, I called them. They were professional and took care of my clogged drains. The first time, Danny came to help snake the pipes. He explained to me I needed a new pipe installed so declogging was only temporary. Like reviews, he even cleaned up the mess from old water coming up. I appreciated his help and explanations to make sure I understood the plumbing system and causes of the problems.

I called the company again for a larger clogging issue since it returned. I had already scheduled with another company to install a pipe so I called this company to temporarily unclog the pipes again in the mean time. A young technician came and took the time to fix it again. He was really friendly and understanding. The place was a mess! I’m glad I went to this company for their help. Very professional and friendly