Colored look at your sewer pipes

Over the last 5 yeas video line location has really blossomed. Video line location is simply a colored video look at your sewer pipes. People may ask, Why is this important? Western Rooter has been helping investors,real-estate agents, property managers, get a colored video look at there sewer pipes to make sure everything is in good working condition. Most recently, Western Rooter has been doing several camera jobs for investment companies. These investment companies have Wester Rooter go to the job site and video camera the sewer lines to make sure they are in good working condition.  If they are not in good working condition they get fixed before they buy there investment.  Video line location has been helping people save money and time. This sewer video camera can help you locate the one area that is damage. This helps because instead of digging up the whole sewer pipe to find the problem you can just run the camera to see where the exact problem is. This can save you time and money.  When Western Rooter runs a sewer video camera they always give the customer a copy of the video footage. You can also view the video footage on youtube or our website, . Western Rooter provides sewer video camera footage for all residential- commercial buildings.

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Here is one of our recent Sewer Video Line Inspections

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