Does hydro jetting really help?

Western Rooter recently got asked a question:

Does hydro jetting sewer lines really help?

The answer is Yes depending on what kind of issue you have with your sewer line. Hydro Jetting is great for sewer  or grease lines. Residential houses may sometimes require hydro jetting, due to how much grease is in there line from cooking. Hydro Jetting is a high pressure water hose that enters your sewer drain at 3,500 PSI so it really cleans the pipe. Western Rooter can hydro jet any size of line from 2 inch to 10 + inch. Hydro Jetting is really effective for shopping centers or restaurants. these kind of facilities really collect tons of grease and build up on the lines. We recommend that shopping centers hydro jet there lines 4 times a year. By Hydro Jetting sewer and grease lines its really a great preventative way to keep lines in great working condition so there is not emergency back ups. Western Rooter pricing for hydro Jetting a 2 Inch line is about $180. This is recommend if the kitchen sink is getting backed up a lot due to grease in the line. 3 Inch to 10+ inch pricing starts at $305.00. YES hydro jetting does really help you clean your sewer or grease lines.

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