Copper Re-Pipe Special!

Copper Repipe Special In the San Gabriel Valley

Western Rooter is offering a can’t beat price right now. We are offering a copper re-pipe special for $3,000 3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom. Copper re-pipes will help improve water pressure and also the quality of drinking water. Galvanized pipes often have build up inside the pipe over the years which cause poor drinking water qualities. With Copper nothing builds up in the pipes providing you and your family with clean water. Copper pipes will also last you a lot longer in-terms of pipes leaking. Copper is very strong and is a very good choice to re-pipe a house with. We also offer re-piping a house with PEX piping. PEX is just as strong as copper however it is way cheaper. Western Rooter Can Install whatever you will like. Give us a call today 800.405.7030

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