Summer time update from Western Rooter a family owned Plumbing Company.

Whats going on in the plumbing world during Summer time?

The last two months May and June 2011 have been very big months for Western Rooter. In the month of May we have increased our business by 35% from last May and this maybe by integrating ourselves into the internet.   The month of June we were up 75% from last June. These are big numbers from a shaky economy. The reason why I share this is because I want to thank everyone who supports small businesses. By supporting this small company we are actually supporting 30 people with families and a great life style. Over the past few months we are in the process of  become Tankless water heater Certified for Rinnai. These water heaters are great and very affordable , not to mention very ECO friendly. In the next few weeks we are going to start video Blogging, In the mean time Western Rooter wants to just say thank you very much for supporting our company. We love all our customers. Feel free to check our website out at Follow us on twitter , Facebook, Yelp, Etc. Here is a Link to the Rinnai Page

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