Holiday Cooking and Clogged Drains

As the holiday season is coming up more and more people are going to be staying home cooking soup and other goodies! During the holiday season it is very common to get a clogged drain due to the amount of food your throw down the drain and all the usage it is getting. Some helpful ways to prevent that are to rise all the dirty dishes over the garbage disposer and not the regular sink drain. Try to avoid throwing greasy things down the drain too. IF your drain is slow and  you havn’t had your drain cleaned in a while it would be a great idea to get it cleaned. It only cost $74 for a good drain cleaning and it comes with a 60 day warranty just incase it backs up. Hydro water jetting is a great way to clear your line if you cook with a lot of grese. It is a little more expensive than traditional drain cleaning method but hydro jetting works extremely well.  It shoots high pressure water thru your pipe making the pipe nice and clean of grease and grim. Call Western Rooter and Plumbing today to get your drain cleaned out before the holiday season. Remember we offer the best warranty and service to our customers at a reasonable price. We clean out your drain… NOt your wallet!  Remember if you have another slow drain it is 1/2 off if you clean more than two drains.

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