A Short Lent Reflection, Western Rooter and Plumbing

Lent is the time to start new patterns of prayer.  Perhaps I haven’t been praying at all.  This is a great time to choose to begin.  It is important to begin realistically.  I can start by simply pausing when I get up and taking a slow, deep breath, and recalling what I have to do this day, and asking for grace to do it as a child of God.  I may want to go to bed a half an hour earlier, and get up a half an hour earlier and give myself some time alone to read the readings for the day, or the Daily Reflection.  I may choose to go to Mass each day during Lent.  I may choose to get to church on Sunday, just 15 minutes earlier, so I can reflect a bit.  Lent may be a time I would want to choose to start to journal the day to day reflections that are coming, the desires I’m naming and asking for, the graces I am being given.

We should remind ourselves that whatever we do, we should do for the glory of God.