Super bowl Sunday!

So super bowl sunday is here and we are all very excited to watch the giants and pats. Every year when the super bowl comes around I try to warn all my clients to get their slow drains cleaned out before the big day on Sunday. A lot of people took my advice this year. Normally we will be getting tons of calls on Super Bowl sunday people of the account of usage on their drains because of a party of some sort.  So in a nut shell we are here for you incase you do have a back up or plumbing issue. Just go to  or give us a call at 800.405.7030. Open 24/7.

This years super bowl is going to be a really really good game. But there are ten things to know about the super bowl Check out this link I found on Yahoo.,

This year we are going to be making homemade hamburgers …wings… chili and a whole bunch of good cooking. There will be pictures posted on our Facebook so check it out.

I wanna see crazy commercials this  year along with a great football game. I would love to know what everyones cooking!