Sewer Cameras can help you find a ring in the sink!

Accidentally dropping an item down the drain does not mean that it is lost forever. Even if you cannot see your lost item, you can still get it back using these tips and tricks.

If you lost something that is made of iron or steel, you can use a magnet to get the object out. Most tool shops carry telescoping magnets designed for this purpose. Simply push the magnet into the drain hole as far as it will go, and pull it back out slowly. You might need to make several attempts before you are successful.

For retrieving objects that are non-magnetic, try a flexible grabber. Also available at most tool shops, they work by actually grabbing onto the object with retractable metal hooks. To use the grabber, insert it into the drain, and push down on the thumb lever so the hooks open. Move the grabber around until you feel it making contact with your item. Release your thumb to retract the hooks, and pull the grabber out.

If you are unable to retrieve an item that has fallen down one of your drains, contact the experts at The Pasadena Emergency Plumbing Company immediately for assistance.
If not taken care of properly, a slow moving drain can quickly become a clogged drain. Hair and soap build up are frequent contributors to the problem. While there are a variety of chemical-based drain cleaners, you can also unclog your drain with two items you probably already have in your pantry.
If you have ever made a volcano out of baking soda and vinegar, then you are already well versed in the impressive qualities these two items have when they are combined together. Simply put a good quantity baking soda down your drain, then pour vinegar in after it and wait at least 15 minutes. The foaming,frothing action actually works very well to clear drains, but it may take several applications. Flush your drain with hot water after each attempt.

Of course, some clogs need something stronger. If this is the case, it is time to call the professionals at Pasadena Emergency Plumbing for assistance.