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Burst pipes are a serious plumbing emergency that can lead to major water damage in your home. Preventing burst pipes can best be achieved by carefully inspecting your home’s pipes for signs of cracks or wear. Additionally, it is important to wrap any exterior pipes to prevent them from freezing during the winter. For indoor pipes, make sure they are able to stay above freezing by leaving cabinet doors open during the coldest winter days.

If a burst pipe occurs, it is important to act quickly by shutting off the water to the home. This can be done by using the shut-off valve located outside. Once the water has been turned off, you will then need to contact an emergency plumber who can repair the pipe and restore your plumbing back to normal. If you have more questions about how to prevent and handle a burst pipe, then contact Pasadena Emergency Plumbing for further assistance.

If your toilet is clogged, there are several options that you can try to fix it. However, make sure that you do not continue to flush it because this will add more water to the toilet bowl. In addition, it helps if you know what is causing the clog because the unclogging method that you use will depend on this.

One method is to use a toilet plunger. It is best to choose a plunger with an extra rubber piece on its bottom to create the best seal possible around the toilet’s drain. If a plunger does not work, you could try to use a toilet snake if you have one. These snakes are long thick tubes that can push through the clog. If you do not have a snake, you could try a homemade version by straightening a wire hanger and pushing it down the toilet drain as far as possible. If these manual methods do not work, try chemicals. An enzyme-based solution may take several hours to work, and it will only work on organic matter. More powerful chemical solutions are also available. If you have any further questions about this, contact the Pasadena Emergency Plumbing company.