Local Charity, Friends In Deed, Pasadena

We wanted to take a moment to talk about a local charity, Friends in Deed, Pasadena.

We believe in doing good works, and that includes donating to local charities. We give when we can to a number of charities. We also appreciate cost effective programs that make good use of donations. This is why it's so important to support local charities, where your donation dollars will have the greatest impact.

Friends in Deed has shown us they are truly exceptional. We recently sat down with some of their leadership, and they showed us just how fiscally responsible they are, how much they give to our community with every donation, and what their plans are in the near future. We love what they do. We've committed to becoming a sponsor. More importantly, we love our community, so we thought we should let you know about them as well, in case you might have an interest in donating or volunteering.

Their mission is, "to alleviate the effects of poverty, to encourage self-sufficiency through the collective efforts of congregations, individuals and community organizations and to promote mutual support, understanding and collaboration within the faith community."

Friends In Deed’s programs include the following:

On May 4th, we'll join them for their 44th Annual Pasadena Mayor's Interfaith Prayer Breakfast. If you're feeling generous, and you're looking for a way to give back, come join us.