Western Rooter is usually the first name that comes to mind when people think about sewer/drain cleaning in Southern California.  Western Rooter does not only clean sewers – we can repair and replace them. We offer professional sewer line repair and sewer line replacement as well as handling other plumbing jobs.


Main Sewer Lines

Western Rooter is a specialist when it comes to main sewer lines. Main sewer lines are the largest drains in a home. All other drains in the home lead to the main line. The main line runs underground from the house and connects to your septic tank or city sewer system.

Main lines can become clogged over time from roots, debris, grease and other obstacles in the drain. Western Rooter will run a machine to cut roots and other debris in the drain to ensure proper working condition.

If the main sewer line is clogged drains and toilets in your house will back up. This could happen at any time, day or night, that is why Western Rooter is your 24 hour rooter and plumbing company.



$78 Kitchen Drain Cleaning

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Kitchen drains

Kitchen Drains back up over time. They will typically run slower and slower as the soaps, fats, greases, and detergents build up in the pipes which will cause blockage. A Western Rooter service man will use a snake machine to unclog the kitchen drain, so they can get back to working as good as new.


Shower and tub drains

Shower and tub drains also may clog up over a period of time due to hair and soap buildup in the trap and drainpipe. When taking a shower you should never see standing water in the stall or tub. If this is happening, you will need to get your drain cleared by a Western Rooter service man.


Bathroom sink drains

Western Rooter can unclog bathroom sink drains due to buildup of hair, toothpaste, soap and grime. Western Rooter will remove the clog and thoroughly clean the pipe to ensure proper working condition.


Toilet drains

Toilet drains often become slow because of too much toilet paper in the pipe or perhaps even a child’s toy. Western Rooter can easily solve this problem by running the cable into the toilet drain. The cable will cut through any obstruction in the line to provide good working conditions.


Floor drains

Floor drains are very important in case of an overflow. Floor drains are common in basements, laundry rooms, restaurant kitchens, garages, patios and driveways as well as bathrooms in restaurants or commercial spaces. These drains should be tested occasionally to make sure they aren’t clogged and are ready to work to prevent flooding. Western Rooter can quickly open up these drains to ensure they are in good working condition.


Downspout drains

Downspouts help channel water from roof gutters from your home. Downspouts could be connected to the city’s storm sewer system or they could just drain into your garden. These often get clogged with leaves that cause a backup. A service man from Western Rooter will clear the downspout drain to restore proper drainage.


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