What is pipe bursting?

Pipe bursting is a method of trenchless sewer repair that eliminates the costly and time consuming effort of digging trenches. Old pipes are broken apart in place, while a new sewer line is installed in its place.


How does pipe bursting work?

Before the new sewer line can be installed, two small holes are dug at either end of the sewer run. A cable is run through the sewer line, with a pneumatic jack at one end, and a pipe bursting head at the other end. The bursting head is attached to a new sewer pipe, and as the bursting head pulls through the old line, it both breaks up the old pipe, and pulls through a new sewer line. Even cast iron can be replaced with this method!


Why use pipe bursting?

Old sewer lines are often made of cast iron and clay. These old sewer lines eventually crack and fail to drain properly. Roots and debri make their way into old lines, and cause repeated obstructions. If your drains are constantly getting backed up, even after having been cleared, your sewer pipes my need replacing. It's best to handle this ASAP, to prevent contamination of the land on your property. Pipe bursting is particularly suitable for old pipes which have many broken spots.


Is pipe bursting effective?

Yes! Pipe bursting is just as effective as digging trenches, but without the digging. With this method, you can spare your yard and landscaping the damage caused by digging long trenches, and repairing the damage when the job is done. Also, cast iron and clay sewer lines often have more points of failure than HDPE pipe because they have more joints and joins. HDPE pipe is seamless, and so introduces fewer potential points of failure.


Do I need to replace my sewer pipe?

We also offer Sewer Camera Line Inspections, to help you find out if there is a serious problem in your sewer. If there is something wrong with your sewer, we can pinpoint exactly what and where is the problem. This is a cost effective way to find out not only if you need to replace your sewer line, but exactly how much of it, too.


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Watch this Video of a Trenchless Sewer Replacement with Pipe Bursting Method

Justin demonstrates how we can perform a trench less sewer pipe install, pulling through an SDR17 pipe, using a "pipe burst" method. The new line is pulled through the old line, breaking the old clay line as it goes into place.

Considering replacing your sewer line?
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