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We're always ready to answer your call, any time, any day, even on weekends and holidays. If you need an emergency plumber (or just regular plumbing maintenance), in or around Altadena, CA, including zip codes 91001, 91003, and 91104, Western Rooter & Plumbing is happy to help.

As a full service plumbing company, doing business for over 35 years, our expert plumbers are professional and experienced at handling just about every kind of plumbing job: repairing leaks, clearing clogged drains and replacing sewer pipes, installing toilets and faucets, hot water heaters (especially tankless water heaters), gas lines and earthquake gas shut off valves.

Please feel free to contact us any time at 626.448.6455

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Reviews & Testimonials from Altadena Homeowners

Josh & Isaiah aced it! They came in a fixed a integrated soap dispenser that had been non-functional for over a year. SO HAPPY! (It really is the little things... right?) The guys came in ... no fuss no muss and got the job done. I have used Western Rooter before with similar results. They are my goto.
— Dana H.
I had some issues with overflow and subsequent flooding. It was around the holidays and it was really a hassle to deal with.

I gave Western Rooter a call and they were able to give me a quote and send someone within a day or so. Justin came over and tried to work through the issue. Turns out we had some roots breaking through our pipes and clogging them up. The previous homeowners had some lazy, non-professional pipe and drain cleanout setup and this didn’t make servicing the issue any easier. The current setup wouldn’t even allow a standard camera setup to fit through and diagnose the issue.

Justin did a good job of explaining the matter to me. He broke down the problem and discussed my options and his recommendation for me. Everything was clear and straight forward. He seemed like a really nice guy who was on the up and up. Naturally, I was skeptical so I did my own research after the fact and confirmed that he wasn’t trying to scam me or anything.

I ended up following his recommendation and got some work done on the pipes to get them properly setup and serviceable. Justin, Omar, and Johnny came out to do the work. We had a section of pipe replaced and a proper cleanout installed. We ran the camera through the new setup and determined the extent of the problem. We then hydro jetted the blockages and solved the problem with the roots.

I’m also glad I had Justin initially work on the issue. While diagnosing it, he also was able to spot a minor gas leak in my garage. I had the gas company service the issue, but unfortunately the pilot on our water heater broke during the visit. Omar was able to get the proper parts and fix this issue as well.

I also had some issues with another set of blocked pipes in the garage. I had a home warranty service and used that plumber initially. This guy really didn’t do much for me. He couldn’t resolve the issue and recommended that I get a bunch of work done. Instead, I called Western Rooter and they sent someone the same day. This time Homar came to address the issue.

Let me tell you, this guy went above and beyond the call of duty to resolve this problem. He crawled under the house and supported some sagging pipes. He then proceeded to clear the clogged pipes. Going into the situation, we knew things were going to get messy. The other plumber didn’t have any good solutions to make sure this mess didn’t ruin all the stuff in my garage, but Homar did. We were able to isolate the mess and resolve the issue. While the other guy was ready to ratchet up his fee and charge me an arm and a leg to fix this, Homar charged the originally quoted price and went the extra mile and knocked it out the park with his service.

Forget the other guys. Anytime I have any plumbing issues, I’m going with Western Rooter.
— Norm S.
Couldn’t ask for more. Called on a Saturday for a same day service call. My toilet lost its flush. They provided a 2 hour window and since they were running late called to inform me of the delay. The technician (Justin) arrived and quickly assessed the problem as built up mineral deposits in jet at the bottom of the bowl. Quick, inexpensive fix due to their expertise. Will definitely call them again.
— Twenty T.
Justn and Omar replaced our leaking water heater. 2 nd time they have assisted us within a year for our plumbing needs. They are fantastic and very reliable. We love how efficient they operate. The pricing is fair and we can only be grateful for all that they do each time they have helped us in need. As seniors we appreciate companies that we can trust. Western rooter is on the top of our list. Thank you so much. Juanita and Oliver brown.
— Juanita B.
It started with a clogged bathtub drain and ended with a very satisfied new customer.

Like almost everybody with an old house and old plumbing you get used to the occasional clogged drain. The previous go-to rooter service seemed more interested in up-selling products and services than actually fixing the original problem. So when the time came to get the bathtub drain unclogged I turned to Yelp.

The numerous five star Yelp reviews just about sold me, but what really convinced me to call was the owner responding to the less than stellar reviews. That to me indicates a company that’s engaged and gets “it.”

Carlos arrived on time and was very professional and courteous. My bathtub drain was less courteous and decided to toss some complications at Carlos. Well, like the skilled professional that he is Carlos was able to wrestle my misbehaving drain back into compliance.

What would ordinarily have been a stressful and expensive event was actually pleasant and fairly inexpensive.
— Krista M.
Typically I do not trust in plumber especially if not having specifically being recommended by someone I know and trust. Kitchen sink was clogged and needed someone ASAP. Saw the good reviews on yelp and decided to give them a try. Gave them a call, made an appointment for the same day. The nice lady over the phone told me how much it would cost me. The plumber name was Danny. Danny came on time (even a little earlier), fixed the problem, fix few extra things, and then charged me exactly what I was quoted over the phone. No surprises, quick and honest work! very satisfied...
— Andres G.
Homar Montano was very professional, friendly & honest. We have a big job ahead of us, but Homar feel more at ease with what needs to be done. Thanks Homar!
— Caroline D.
Western Rooter - Great service! had a stopped up plumbing at rental property in Altadena. contact another “24/7” service company that set an appointment for 11-12 yesterday, Sunday. they repeatedly pushed out the time multiple times until finally at 5 pm said they could not make it out today and I would be the first appointment 9a.m. Monday morning. Today, Monday, this other company started the same routine over again rescheduling with no set time. I finally called Western at 11:30am. they gave me a an appointment time of 12noon - 2 pm they were on site and done by 1pm. on time. great service. fantastic price compared to others I’ve used for the same service. Western Rooter & Plumbing is now my new plumber.
— Bryan B.
Finding a good plumber can be a tough job as I have found out for myself. Nonetheless finding one that is inexpensive yet professional. I found myself with some trouble with roots in my my house and am beyond grateful to Western Rooter employee Ruben Jr for his professionalism. I have now recommended Western Rooter service to my family and look forward to using their services in the future!
— Claire H.
My first time using Yelp. It’s about 9:30 Pm. Just had a plumbing problem, stopped up kitchen sink. Called Western Rooter and they had a plumber out here ASAP. Mr. Jesse Pacheco arrived and did a fine job in a minimal amount of time. Thanks much Jesse.
— Randolph B.
I search high and low for good professionals. While I’ve had no luck with carpenters or car repair folks so far, I have an excellent electrician and now an excellent plumber. Highly recommend Western Rooter. I’ve got a 1923 house, and it had some substantial plumbing problems that were not — how to put it — pretty. I won’t bore you with the details, But this outfit took care of pipe, draining, sewage problems quickly, effectively, reasonably, cleanly. Plus, they didn’t let my dog sneak out of the gate.
— Karin B.