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We're always ready to answer your call, any time, any day, even on weekends and holidays. If you need an emergency plumber (or just regular plumbing maintenance), in or around Arcadia, CA, including zip codes 91006, 91007, 91066, 91077, and 91732, Western Rooter & Plumbing is happy to help.

As a full service plumbing company, doing business for over 35 years, our expert plumbers are professional and experienced at handling just about every kind of plumbing job: repairing leaks, clearing clogged drains and replacing sewer pipes, installing toilets and faucets, hot water heaters (especially tankless water heaters), gas lines and earthquake gas shut off valves.

Please feel free to contact us any time at 626.448.6455

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Reviews & Testimonials from Arcadia Homeowners

Danby did a great job unclogging my kitchen sink. Cleaned up the mess and was on time to my house.
— DJloomix L.
Make NO mistake about it... these guys are good!

We’ve used them for the past two years, and each time, they’ve been on time; taken care of the issues (and quite quickly)... been cost efficient, and given us tips on how to PREVENT future issues.

How many Plumbing Companies do that?

I would gladly give them more stars; however; Yelp does set a limitation of 5 maximum stars!
— Steven L.
Fast, Reliable, and Quality service! We called western at 9:00 pm due to clogged drain in our bathroom. Daniel picked up the phone and assesed the problem and gave me a price quote. In less than 30 mins, Homar came and explained what he is going to do. Homar is polite and fair. He fixed the clogged drain in half an hour and did not overcharge us. I would recommend this company to a friend or family.
— Jason W.
After calling the Gas Company and finding out the dreaded news that we had a small leak, I called Western Rooter for the fix. I’ve called them several times before for clogged drains and moving a gas line. They were always prompt and did a great job. This time was no exception. Literally, I called them at 3pm, a technician showed at 4pm to give me a quote, and then the problem was fixed by the next day!! I would highly recommend them! Thank you Western Rooter!
— Chen S.
There is leak in the drainage pipe under Master bathroom’s sink which causes stain in the ceiling in downstairs. I called Western Rooter, appointed was fast. Homer Montano, the technician who came to house and fix the leak is professional and the work is done rapidly. I am happy with his service and recommend to use Western Rooter.
— Moe A.
When your toilet, shower and your tube start to bubble it’s never a good sign.
And usually this always happens right before the holidays for us. You are always afraid of the extra cost you might be charged with. Western plumbing was amazing. They came by within 2 hours and because we made the call before 5 p.m. they did not charge after hour fee even if the plumber came after 5. They knew exactly what was causing the problem and within 30mins the plumber fixed it. Clean work, super friendly and answered any questions we had about the plumbing issues. Please give them a try.
— Steven C.
Updated: our main line broke on our lawn yesterday and we were able get someone to estimate and fix it in a timely manner. Danny is the person that helped us this time. Arrive promptly and great manner. Explain to us clearly about what’s going on. It is over 110 degree today but he and his partner work nonstop for almost 5 hours straight. And everything is fixed on time. We are very happy for their service. We called them every time we have plumbing issues and they never disappoint us!!

Good service, quick response. I have to called them two times in the past few months. One for the clogging of the main line. One for the broken down water heater. Both came exactly the time window that they promised. Both staff smiled and greet you nicely. Everything was fixed in a timely manner. Very pleased with their service.

It is always good to know a reliable plumber around. You never know what would happen next!
— W T.
Amazing service. Honest and reliable.
My sink clogged again after they serviced and they came over again and honored their guarantee! I would recommend to all my family and friends.
— Elocin T.
Called them out to remove a garbage disposal. Came out same day, quick, fast, neat. Thanks again!
— Kevin L.
We had a major leak in our hot water pipe. We called Western Rooter in the late evening who send Josh. In spite of the rain storm, he crawled into our subfloor area, located the leak and then repaired the pipe.

We decided to repipe all the copper piping of our subfloor area because that was our second leak. We decided to use Josh because we liked his his work and attitude from the first job we gave him. This was done neatly and quickly.

He also discovered a slow leak which we did not know about in one of our bathroom and we had to repipe that bathroom as well.

We were impressed with Josh and his helpers, Oscar and Isaias. There were all friendly, courteous and helpful. They kept the work areas quite clean and they removed all debris. We recommend them highly.
— Wilson W.
We had problem with our sewer line. Tony Bernal came and fix it. Very capable and very friendly. I highly recommend this company.
— Eric Y.
Don’t hesitate to call this company. Very good customer service, prompt service and they won’t rip you off. Guys that came over were clean and efficient, knew the problem and dealt with it quickly. Free estimates too!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND
— Denise B.
Prompt, professional, knowledgeable - what else could you ask for?

Manny and Josh showed up when they said they would, advised me on the best solution tailored to my situation. Their professionalism and knowledge gave me confidence that they would do a great job and they did not disappoint.

I did get another bid for comparison since I was clueless if Western Rooter’s job quote was reasonable or not. The second company was sorely lacking in the qualities I was looking for so I didn’t even bother wasting my time looking for additional bids.

I would HIGHLY recommend Western Rooter & Plumbing.
— Jin-Joo K.
It was Sunday noon time, our kitchen sink clogged. I followed recommendations from other Yelpers to call Western Rooter. Pablo Soto showed up about an hour later, and fixed our problems. I would recommend Western Rooter for anyone who needs emergency help.
— Grace Y.
From Louie T.
This review is for Justin. He did a great job in unclogging our bathroom sink, repairing pipe-trap assembly and replacing pop-up assembly. Fast, courteous, friendly and a good LA Dodger fan.
— Lou T.
Ruben and John did a great job testing my gas line and finding the leak. They fixed it fast and did it at a reasonable cost! I recommend
— Guangjian Z.
First I’d advise having a plumbing company in mind before you actually have that unexpected emergency. I have used Western Rooters before and have always been satisfied with their service.
My emergency started on Friday morning, water leaking from my underground line near the meter. I called Western Rooters and the receptionist couldn’t have been more helpful. I told her about the leak and she said somebody will be out to your house between 1-3. I told her my shut off valve wasn’t working and she said, I’ll make this a priority call. 1/2 hour later Carlos / Jesse and crew were at my door. Carlos diagnosed the problem and gave me some options. I decided to have the water line replaced from the meter to the side of the house. We discussed price and settled on what I felt was a fair fee. They started working on the repipe Immediately. Work was finished in one day. Clean up was good, lawn and rose bushes put back in place. .
Water pressure is up and no leaks.
Thanks to Western Rooters and the staff
— Wayne W.
Halmar and Ruben came over within 30 minutes and took care of the cracked valve professionally and fast. This is when u know they are real professionals. The last Plummer took over 3 hrs to do the same job and 4 month later, cracked again. These guys are very friendly and took the time out to explain to me both the quality of the valve they use and the work the performed. I really appreciated the service!
— Mike S.
Friendly service...easy to make an appointment...I needed a clean out...set up an appointment and then tony called to let me know he was coming. When he arrived...he have me a list of reasons why I had issues and fixed the problem right away! Would definitely recommend their service!
— Ann C.
I called them yesterday afternoon and Joseph came this morning, showed up at our house on time. (which is great!) He found the problem and solved it quickly. He was knowledgeable and friendly. I would call them again next time I’ve got a plumbing issue.
— Ronald C.
This is the second time I use their service. I always have very good experience with western rooters. Omar, Omar (yes, two Omars) Justin and Johnny came over to replace some pipes and built two clean outs. They explained to me very clearly of the problem, offered reasonable solution. They were professional, courteous and skillful. What impressed me the most is that they cleaned up thoroughly before they left. I would definitely recommend to others of their services.
— Becky Lei U.
Prompt service very professional. Aaron came out for a main line back up on a Sunday and was very friendly and worked really fast. Highly recommended! My line was cleared and he explained the process and why it happened. Fair pricing too
— Dina A.
Joseph gave me a reasonable estimate on replacing a part from my water heater. 3rd time to use them. Joseph gave me some advice about water heater safety. Thanks
— Rania I.
Being a single mother and having poor drainage in the house has been a nightmare! Was able to call and get Homar to come after hours. He was quick and got the problem resolved without making a mess. He saved my night and it was worth every penny!
— Lina G.
Justin G. Is amazing! Aye dios mio! We just had a plumbing energency! All 3 of our toilets backed up and waste was coming up through the bath tubs and shower basin. Not how I like to spend a Friday night. He said our main line was full of roots from our big tree, out front. In no time at all, he had the pipes cleared and the toilets working pooperly, I mean properly. He had a super kind demeanor and was very helpful, offering us helpful advice. So cute, too with a warm smile. . Thank you Western Rooter! Justin was a welcome relief to a stressful day! He also came after 10pm and was done within the hour. We gladly paid time and a half. The bill was only $150! Very reasonable and the service was excellent! Look em up, for all of your plumbing needs!
— Lisa M.
Carlos A. and Jesse P. came to my rescue! They were honest, efficient, punctual, friendly, reasonably priced. I hope I never experience a problem like this again (main line back-up while getting ready for work! ugh.), but I will call these guys for whatever future plumbing needs I have.
Highly satisfied customer.
— Leslie K.
On time, and excellent service. Mike B. not only fixed what I asked, but also diagnosed future problems I might have. I will definitely call them again!
— Franklyn S.
My kitchen sink was clogged and faucet was leaking. As a picky customer, I first checked yelp review, identified 3 plumbers with good ratings, and eventually selected Western Rooter (now I am so glad that I did it, thanks for the wonderful yelp reviewers!). Within 2 hours of my call, Danny Maldonado came with full load of equipment. He did an excellent job and clean the whole sewer pipe without additional charge. The faucet change was done flawlessly as well. I am very satisfied with the service and highly recommend Danny!
— Steve W.
One of our bathroom sinks was totally stopped. I called Western Rooter at 8:00 and they had someone at my house at 8:45. Justin the plumbing specialist was professional and quick; he had everything cleared out within 15 minutes. I will for sure use they again; doesn’t get better than this
— F L.
I was thinking about swapping out the main water valve for our house and called up Western Rooter. They were very courteous and set up an appointment for me the next day.

When they came out, they were on time and were very detailed with the assessment about what could be done. Vinnie, the guy who came out, gave me an estimate that was very reasonable. What I really appreciated was his honesty about everything and what I could do to save some cash but still have the same result. I will definitely call up Western Rooter the next time I need a plumbing issue addressed.
— Edwin C.
I called with a sewer problem. They said that their guys would be over between 1 and 3 hours. They showed up in one hour. They checked out all three of the bathrooms and ran the big snake down a clean-out. They were done in about 35 minutes. $100, exactly as advertised. I am pleased. 90 day warranty.
— Paul F.
I needed a good plumber and took a look in Yelp. Western Rooter had amazing reviews along with a 5 star rating. I called them up and they quoted me a fare estimate on the phone. The plumber Omar arrived about an hour after I called. He was very friendly and knowledgeable. He resolved the 2 separate issues that I had with a clogged sink drain and a slow draining bathtub very quickly. He provided answers to my questions with a great attitude. I highly recommend Western Rooter.
— Richard S.
I had a great experience with this company which began with my initial phone contact and continued through job completion. Because of some historical problems I elected to have all my drains, including toilets, tubs and showers, “snaked”as a precaution. Also my main sewer line from the house to the street was cleaned with high pressure water. These men were professional in every sense of the word. They were timely, courteous and left a clean work area. I will definitely use them in the future.
— Albert B.
The main drain in out house was clogged for the second time in 6 months. The last time I called Rescue Rooter. This time I tried Western Rooter because of the good reviews and boy! What a difference! Mike was very honest and it was obvious he wasn’t just out to make money from our helplessness. And he got to my house within 20 minutes of my call... Hoes that for speedy service. And reasonably priced.... No hidden fees. All in all a very pleasant experience. I would not hesitate to call Mike again anytime I have this problem.
— Woonmai Q.
Whoa talk about awesome ! Tony came in early morning and I took him to where I believed the pipe was clogged. He tried different sized rooters and blow bags but wasn’t able to unclog the pipe in one go. But he remained diligent going back and forth between the pipes and successfully took out a huge clog. And I mean huge!! He even went into trying the other lines to make sure those weren’t clogged too! Whoa! During the whole time Tony was telling me his experiences of the work, the things involved, and ways to improvise getting a drain unclogged. Man talk about a lot of edperience ! Highly recommend these guys!
— Leiwei P.
I was having some major plumbing back-up issues at my house on multiple drains (worst of all the kitchen downstairs) - I called Western rooter and was able to get someone out the same day. Albert came and not only was super nice (took his shoes off on our white carpet when I asked him to) but also he fixed everything really quickly and for a very fair price. Three drains unclogged, a bathtub fixed (wouldn’t hold water - and you know thats a HUGE issue if you have little ones), and fixed the shower valve in one of our shower that only produced luke-warm water prior to the adjustment. And he did it all in well under an hour! Great experience and I would definitely use them again!
— Michelle R.
I had a persistent underground leak that was adding 250 bucks to my bill. I called and they had a person at my place in just a couple hours. I am sure they are not the cheapest, but the plumber worked quickly, answered all my questions and did top notch work. I will use them again.
— Ray M.
Called them two days after Christmas with a plugged main line and backed up shower. Danny arrived early in a few hours. Very affable, knowledgeable, and professional. Fixed the problem and talked me through the issues. I will continue to use them and highly recommend their services!
— S L.
Kitchen sink plus washer thing clogged, the water won’t go down, I called about 4:30pm and I told them it is not a emergency they send a guy before 6:30pm. Finish the job very quickly and price very reasonably. I would highly recommend for any plumbing issue.
— Kevin P.
Other rooters cant unclog our drain. Only western rooter was able to unclog our drain. Mike is the best. He finished our clog drain fast. The greatest plumber ever!
— Roderick D.
If you have any plumbing needs you must call Western Rooter. They offer a great and reliable service. This guys are really knowledgeable and will provide you with many tips and suggestion on how to save you some money. Special thanks to Larry and Mike both of whom are really smart guys and willing to go above and beyond to help you out. Try Western Rooter - you will not regret it.
— Stan A.
Just had these guys come out and take care of my slow shower drain. They came out very fast and took care of the problem. They also gave me a fair estimate on other plumbing work that I want to have done. Will be calling them again!
— Larry B.
RJ did a great job to replace the valve in my backyard. It was quick and smooth. He helped to put the valve higher to make it easier to reach, specially for my mom who has back and knees problems
— Alfonso L.
I got great service from this company from beginning to the end. My bathrooms clogged and I called Western Rooter&Plumbing and a nice lady tried to get someone to come in just 30 minutes, a nice and professional Justin came to fix the problem. Since the house is quite old which and the tree roots caused the clogged, a lot of surprises came out during the process, Justin has been professional and patient in explaining and showing me where the problems and gave me options, he even worked by himself ( no other guys available) under the heat for this big project and finished it beautifully. I really appreciate his good knowledge and nice work, plus he has a quality of being patient which made good quality in our experience during the process. Thank you! Justin! That’s an awesome job done! They also have flexible payment plan without interest, that helps a lot!
— Yupi C.
Used them to clear a main line blockage (lots of roots in my yard) on a Sunday when my normal plumber was unavailable. RJ was on site in about 30 minutes and took his time to make sure he had done all he could to clear the line down to the city sewer. Clean and professional. Although Sunday is 1.5x, the price was fair. This kind of thing always happens on a weekend or holiday and I’ve been over charged by others. I will be calling them first next time.
— Don E.
Great and fast! My toilet clogged up and flooded my room late at night but luckily this place has 24/7 service and they dispatched someone in around 2 hrs. Homer was efficient and very courteous. He told us the problem right away and what we needed to fix. The job was done in 40 mins. I would recommend this company to my friends in the future.
— Kenneth Y.
Danny was super helpful scheduling a visit after hours for a clogged sink. Pablo met me at the site, and was very professional when I couldn’t find the key to the unit.They rescheduled the appointment for first thing the next morning, and handled the problem quickly.
— Kitty M.
My house’s kitchen drain pipe was clogged, I found this company from yelp, This is a pretty good company, friendly workers,professional service.Omar and Johnny both are very kind and working is efficient. I’ll recommend them to my friends if my friends have similar trouble
— anonymous
We had a clogged tub and I called another highly rated place to come take a look. They did nothing and told me I needed my pipes replace ASAP. The estimate was $3500. Like a good shopper I can’t say yes to the first offer so I said no thank you, I will think about it. Then my friend recommended western. They came within an hour. Snaked out my drain and was done! Turns out I don’t need new pipes but the other company was trying to make a buck. In industries that I know nothing about, it’s hard to find someone I can trust. But these guys were honest. Fair priced. I’m so thankful someone recommended them to me. Thank you to Larry and Justin for saving me saved me!
— Shan Y.
Just called and informed WR my water heater installation ended with some leak from the new pipes installed. I have a natural gas detector sensor so it helps identity issue easier. This happens occasionally but Western Rooter sent someone over immediately and took care the issue. Billy who came over patiently investigated the pipes and fixed them quickly. Thanks folks for being trustworthy and great as usual.
— William C.
Excellent service. Crew was very nice and professional and were able to quickly fix the root problem in minutes. Overall the repair took an hour and they charged decent pricing.
— Steve B.
Thank you Reuben and Heather for helping me with my groaning waterheater at 11pm at night!
— Joanne B.
great service from western rooter. homer and ruben did a great job. i recommend them for any issues with plumbing or even remodelling. honest guys that finished faster than they said they would.
— Paul M.
Carlos did a good job clearing a shower drain. Showed up on time and finished the job in 15 minutes. I would recommend using Western Rooter & Plumbing.
— William L.
Super slow drains on old pipes and replaced garbage disposal. Great job and price. Professional, honest, and worked hard to fix the problem with success! Office called when there might be a possible schedule conflict. Was not a problem. Thank you Danny Rosas! Fantastic job!

Day2! Since he did such a great job yesterday, had Danny come back and replace my kitchen faucet. Works great!! Thanks!!
— Patricia E.
Had a problem with the main sewer line being clogged (or so Google told me). Called at 3 in the afternoon and they had someone come out by 5! Great service—stayed til after 7 before figuring out the issue. Needed them to come back the next day and Justin and Omar were very prompt with arriving on time and they fixed it no problem! They were very honest about the issues we were dealing with and were honest about the work that was required asap vs. what we could put off for the time being (house was built in the 40s; VERY old plumbing). They gave us a great rate and didn’t try to rip us off. Will definitely call again with any further issues! Oh and FYI they give you a discount if you mention that you found them on Yelp!
— Kelsey S.
We had a backup situation at our house Sunday evening, so when I called Western Rooter and was able to speak to a live person (Heather, I believe), and was told it would be no problem sending someone out, I was happy I chose Western Rooter. Not only did receive cordial service from Heather, but she put me at ease, and told me she would have a technician out shortly. The technician, Justin G. showed up on my doorstep in a reasonable amount of time. He was extremely well mannered, courteous, and his knowledge was immediately evident. When it became evident to Justin that “snaking” the main line was not going to remedy the situation, due to the fact that the problem was beyond reach, he explained everything to me, and after I gave him the “okay”, Justin swung into action, called his office to let them know the job was going to require their trailer mounted “power jetter”. He left the premises, and quickly returned with power jetter in tow. Justin ran the camera through the main line, and showed me where the problem was (the dreaded tree root), and proceeded to cut his way through. Prior to leaving, Justin made sure everything in the house was draining properly, cleaned up after himself very thoroughly, and we were back in business!

I would highly recommend Western Rooter to all my friends, family and anyone reading this, and most definitely give high marks to Justin for his knowledge, professionalism, and honesty.

Thanks Western Rooter, and Justin G. in particular.
— Hector M.
Love the staff and everyone I work with ! All these people are like a second family to me. I’m blessed to work with them on a daily basis. I manage several buildings and all the techs understand my needs. Office staff is great too! Thanks guys! I recommend .
— John B.
Great experience with company. Very pleased. Justin Goytia is very knowledgeable, courteous and did an outstanding and professional job for us. I highly recommend Western Rooter & Plumbing. We are very pleased.
— Brick K.
I was looking for a rooter/plumber in the Arcadia area and was fortunate to find these guys. I was told someone would be at my place between 10 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. on Saturday. Danny was there just before 10 and was finished in about 15 minutes. Great service at a reasonable rate and fortunately I didn’t have to wait around all day for them to show up so my family and I could go out and enjoy the rest of our day. Only one plumber number on my speed dial now.
— Gino P.
We had a main pipe blockage that needed to be cleared. Jesse came quickly. He was very knowledgeable, professional and polite. He went to work, explained everything and fixed the problem. We felt it was a reasonable rate, which was the same as quoted on the phone. We were extremely happy and would use them again.
— Patti H.
Raul and Manny came at 8am and worked on installing a clean out for us. As I write this they are still here at close to 4pm. We had a major blockage in our sewer line and they are working their tails off (on the day of their company’s Christmas party, which they missed) to resolve things. They are competitively priced, and extraordinarily dedicated to customer service. I am recommending them to anyone who needs service. They are exceptional!
— Tim M.
Last night, around 11:30 PM our water heater develops a high pressure leak...I’m outside freezing my ass off ,getting sprayed with water and figuring out where the turnoff valves are located. After successfully disabling the system, I’m up at 5:00 AM preparing for work facing an ice cold shower. I phoned Western Rooter on my way to the Hospital and I am happy to say that they are also “on call” with quick respose time. Carlos and Vinnie (Rock Solid Plumbers) kept me informed of their progress throughout the day...Replacing my old system with a “top of the line” water heater and re-plumbed the entire system for easy access in case of future problems

Carlos and his son Vinnie are incredible craftsman and understand the Art Of Plumbing...I will always use Western Rooter and their team for all of my future plumbing needs.
Doc Joe
— Joe P.