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We're always ready to answer your call, any time, any day, even on weekends and holidays. If you need an emergency plumber (or just regular plumbing maintenance), in or around Monrovia, CA, including zip codes 91008, 91010, 91016, and 91017, Western Rooter & Plumbing is happy to help.

As a full service plumbing company, doing business for over 35 years, our expert plumbers are professional and experienced at handling just about every kind of plumbing job: repairing leaks, clearing clogged drains and replacing sewer pipes, installing toilets and faucets, hot water heaters (especially tankless water heaters), gas lines and earthquake gas shut off valves.

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Reviews & Testimonials from Monrovia Homeowners

We had a slow draining tub for about a month- used Draino, snake and nothing worked. My daughter couldn’t even take a shower anymore because the water wouldn’t drain. I’ve always dreaded calling a plumber because I’ve heard horror stories about how much they cost just to show up at your house. I yelped for a local plumber and immediately got a couple bids. We got the best quote from Western Rooter and they were able to show up at our house within an hour. Daniel was awesome and very professional. He snaked the drain in a couple of minutes with his heavy duty machinery and even gave us a couple of good tips to prevent this from happening again. I hope we never have the need to call a plumber again, but if we do, I’m definitely calling this company!! My fear of plumbers is gone now Thank you so much Daniel and Western Rooter!!!
— Cynthia L.
Customer response: EXCELLENT. The person that answered the phone gave me a few times in the afternoon. I told her I had an afternoon appointment, and she said she could squeeze me in a bit earlier. Perfect...she called back an hour later saying someone had cleared earlier, and she could send him. End Result: Adam was at my house within 90 minutes of my call.
Plumber: EXCELLENT: Adam looked at the problem, gave me the best and worst case scenarios and promptly finished the repair (luckily, it was the best case!). I felt he was thorough in his resolution and his explanations. There was a second smaller issue that he again, resolved in no time.
BOTTOM LINE: I would say that we’ve had five plumbers come to our 1890 home before Western Rooter and Plumbing. Of them, we were horrified at one, and thought the other two were competent. No doubt that WESTERN ROOTER and PLUMBING is the best all around experience. Can’t thank them enough...
— Lani Y.
Prior to contacting Western Rooter, I had already cleared the drain twice myself in the previous month. Only when the drain backed up a third time, did I call Western Rooter. I have used this service in the past when I am unable to remove a clog, and have always found them to be excellent.

The response was great. I called Western Rooter at 2:50pm on a Thursday and Danny Rosas pulled up to my house around 3:30pm. Danny evaluated the situation, provided a quote and attempted to clear the sewer pipes. He quickly realized that there was a larger issue and needed additional help to check the extent of the problem. Within 30 minutes a second truck pulled up to the house with two additional plumbers and a camera. While Danny ran the camera, Johnny and Pablo crawled under the house and found a leak in the cast iron pipe. I had previously checked the pipes, but I didn’t perform the thorough inspection Western Rooter did.

At this point I elected to have the sewer system repaired, to replace the cast iron laterals under the house and clear the underground clay pipe to the sump pump pit. Since it was now 5:00pm, we agreed that a fresh start in the morning would be best. Danny, Johnny and Pablo returned on Friday promptly at 9:00am, and worked until the job was completed at 7:00pm.

The job included removing and replacing the cast iron sewer pipe under the house and cutting the concrete patio in two places to reach the underground clay pipe. Once the dirt was excavated with a shovel, we could see where tree roots had broken the clay pipe. A fiberglass pipe liner was installed inside the clay pipe, and the fiber reinforced clay pipe was attached to the new ABS plastic pipe from under the house. The access holes were backfilled, the area was swept and all debris was removed. On Monday Western Rooter sent a concrete contractor to repair the access points by pouring and finishing two concrete patches.

Great job!!! Timely, friendly, professional, competent and thorough. Thank you Western Rooter.
— Bob S.
John and his crew led by Danny were absolutely amazing!! They spent over 32 straight hours repairing a serious main drain issue at my building that made several tenants close. They all worked with such urgency and ultimately got me and other businesses in our center back online quickly. Can’t thank you guys enough.

I highly recommend Western for rooting, hydrojetting and repairs both big and small.
— Bob K.
We were happy someone was able to come out and unclog our kitchen sink. After making the appointment with Daniel, he said he could send someone out in two hours. We were happily surprised when Pablo called an hour later saying he was outside our gate.

Pablo did a great job trying to understand the issue and figuring out the best way fix our problem. For a moment we thought he was going to have to leave for the night and return the next day with our sink still clogged. Fortunately, he made a final attempt before giving up for the night and was successful...Thank you Jesus! An hour and a half later our sink was unclogged.

We were slightly surprised that our invoice was higher than the quote provided over the phone (and that’s why I didn’t give 5 stars), but we were happy with the service and would definitely recommend Pablo as well as Western Rooted. Thanks guys!
— Tina D.
Our drain backed up. We called Western R&P and they had Johnny out at our house in under 3 hours. High recommendations for Johnny. Super friendly and professional. He came in, assessed the situation, explained his action plan, and before we knew it, he was wrapping up the paperwork. If you have the need for a plumber, Western Rooter & Plumbing should be your first choice.
— Kyle H.
Five stars doesn’t give Western Rooter the credit they deserve!! It may sound funny to say we’ve had the pleasure of using Western Rooter several times in the past month, but when you’re up against a difficult situation as it relates to plumbing problems, it really does help when you have people you can count on. We are currently in escrow on our home in Monrovia, and John and team have saved us and the sale of our home, in a big way three times in the last month— they have immediately come out and repaired various issues, including a fantastic full re-pipe, and offered invaluable insight time and time again. Each visit has been different repair technicians, and each has been professional, easy to understand, and above and beyond helpful. Having a local, family owned company in your corner in this day and age is hard to find, and I can attest to the fact I’ll never use anyone but Western Rooter for my plumbing repairs going forward (although I hope to take a break from seeing them so much)!!
— Chris B.
We had a pipe that was causing water to back up into out sink when doing laundry. It was really horrible. Pablo came out and did a fantastic job. He had to work really hard due to the amount of junk clogging our old pipe. The cost of the job was extremely reasonable. It was a great experience from the initial call with Daniel to the end of the job with Pablo. Thanks Western Rooter and Pablo! You are now our go to business for any future problems.
— Sue G.
Carlos and Isaiah came on time, unfortunately, the city took a while to come and shut off the main valve for the entire condo. Anyway, Carlos and Isaiah patiently waited. They are both very polite and nice guys. They patiently waited and took care of the prob. I definitely recommend Western Rooter. Great work guys! Thank you.
— Yna P.
Manny and Carlos were top notch. They were both extremely knowledgeable and professional and persistent to identify the issue. Very thankful for their hard work and service!
— Brian O.
Had Oscar and Homar come out today to fix and eventually replace my sink faucet. They were so nice, informative, quick and honest! Really appreciate the hard work and the ability to get out to fix my leak asap. Thanks again!
— Nicole C.
Had a main line back up, looked online and decided to call Western Rooter. From the phone call to completion of the job everyone was courteous, honest and on time. What a great company! I always try to hire local and was not disappointed. Western Rooter and Plumbing will be my plumber of choice from today forward. Thank you for doing a great job.
— Mary S.
My water heater was leaking so I called Western Rooter. This is our second time hiring them but my first time meeting someone from there.

I met Jesse. He arrived at the early part of the estimated time. He knows water heaters. He told me the estimated price so I knew what to expect. He was very courteous. Luckily it was only a part that needed to be replaced instead of the whole water heater. He was done quick. What took long was draining the tank.

Any other plumbing issues I have I won’t hesitate to call Western Rooter. I’m asking for Jesse. Thank you!
— Denise I.
Great reliable service. I highly recommend this company. Their service technician Omar was on time, very courteous and very clean in his work. You won’t go wrong with Western Rooter!
— Isabel H.
Good customer service starting on the phone till the plumber left. Jesse was polite and fast... Very happy!
— Patti H.
I’ll start by saying I wouldn’t hesitate calling on these guys again or referring them to friends. The whole experience was very pleasant.

Unfortunately, I was caught in the uncomfortable position of being the middle-man between my landlord and the plumbing company. We had a water main leak at the side of our house that we just recently discovered but that had gotten progressively worse over the past few days. My landlord told me to call a plumber out and she would reimburse me for the repairs. I called up Western Rooter & Plumbing after doing a Yelp search and reading several positive reviews. Within an hour of calling, a technician named Manny arrived at the house. He found the source of the leak within about 30 minutes and presented an estimate, which I thought was very reasonable.

Just to be on the safe side, I thought I had better call my landlord and get her approval prior to proceeding with the repair. At this point, of course, she wanted to shop around. Manny was very understanding and couldn’t have been more professional. Hopefully we’’ll have him back soon to actually finish the job.
— Brad H.
I do commercial plumbing for a living and I use these guys for sewer work. An older neighbor had an issue recently and I had these guys out to clear a mainline stoppage for him. John came out, did an awesome job clearing the line, and the bill was what they quoted. Prompt polite service. Ask for John.
— Robert V.
Awesome service, quick and was efficient!!!

Thanks to Christian Hernandez for reinstalling our toilet properly, as our attempt failed.
— Aaron J.
Called and got someone to come within an hour. SO GREAT. Carlos and Josh were super friendly and helpful. I really appreciated their fast response. Got everything fixed at a good price.
— Kelly H.
Ruben and Pablos are very great plumbing specialists. They worked hard for two straight days and provided excellent customer service.
I couldn’t stand the odor for 15 mins when those things came out from the pipes, but they had to endure it for more than 12 hours. True professionals.
— Jun L.
I really needed my main trap snaked from the roof down. Two gentlemen named Homar and Pablo came out, they were there the exact time I was quoted (9am), did a great job, were very friendly and out of there in a half hour! Can’t beat that. Will use them again for sure!
— James H.
Super slow drains on old pipes and replaced garbage disposal. Great job and price. Professional, honest, and worked hard to fix the problem with success! Office called when there might be a possible schedule conflict. Was not a problem. Thank you Danny Rosas! Fantastic job!

Day2! Since he did such a great job yesterday, had Danny come back and replace my kitchen faucet. Works great!! Thanks!!
— Patricia E.
I have used Western Rooter a number of times and have also referred them to friends and clients many times. Always polite and very knowledgeable. They never try to “upsell”, they just fix the situation. Extremely honest.
— Jeff B.
We have used this company several times, and always been happy. We had a serious problem with our main sewer line with tree roots, and Justin and Omar came out to do the repairs. They took a video of the line and showed us the problem, and explained the process to repair it. Both men were very knowledgeable, and courteous, and did a great job, and left my yard like they had never been here. I would highly recommend this company.

Updated review

We had a clogged area drain that all of our gutters drained into, and would carry the water to the street. With all the heavy rain, the drain was backing up into our yard. I called for service, and Omar arrived in the time line given me. Omar is always polite, and is quick to assess the,problem. Within a short period the drain was unplugged and running clear. I have use this company in the past, and have always been satisfied, and would recommend them to anyone looking for a good plumber, and ask for Omar, or Justin, they do a great job.
— Ken T.
As I have a number of times, I called my buddy Larry and he sent someone over at about 3pm for a clogged drain. Jesse showed up on time and worked for a good hour and a half and got everything cleared! And at the usual very reasonable price!
— Chuck M.
I called western rooter because i had a backed up shower, not only were they able to come out that evening, they were at my house eariler then they said they would be. The guy was very nice and did the job quickly. Prices were very resonable. if i ever need a rooter again they will definately have my businesss.
— Melanie R.