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We're always ready to answer your call, any time, any day, even on weekends and holidays. If you need an emergency plumber (or just regular plumbing maintenance), in or around Pasadena, CA, including zip codes 91001, 91011, 91101, 91102, 91103, 91104, 91105, 91106, 91107, 91108, 91109, 91110, 91114, 91115, 91116, 91117, 91121, 91123, 91124, 91125, 91126, 91129, 91182, 91184, 91185, 91188, 91189, and 91199, Western Rooter & Plumbing is happy to help.

As a full service plumbing company, doing business for over 35 years, our expert plumbers are professional and experienced at handling just about every kind of plumbing job: repairing leaks, clearing clogged drains and replacing sewer pipes, installing toilets and faucets, hot water heaters (especially tankless water heaters), gas lines and earthquake gas shut off valves.

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Reviews & Testimonials from Pasadena Homeowners

Excellent, highly recommend!
Homar M was professional. He diagnosed the problem for our house in Pasadena, got the sewer main line cleaned up. He was efficient and very pleasant to work with. I highly recommend Western Rooter.
— E L.
We needed to have our pipes snaked due to roots that clog our pipes every 8+ months and one shower cleared. We called and got a same -day appointment and Mark and Shane arrived on time. They were both super nice and worked quickly to get the pipes cleared and in good working order. Everyone we came in contact with was friendly and our issue was resolved. Thank you!
— Janice M.
Josh is awesome the owner went outta his way to make me happy with the camera inspection my mainline was clear for years and years of waste
— Ed M.
Most incredible story here. I’d been seeing some leaking from my ceiling vent for almost a month. It was very annoying, and I had an HVAC guy come out two times to tell me that it was just condensation and I shouldn’t worry about it. Soon, cracks started forming on my ceiling. I came back from a weeklong trip on Saturday night with my wife and baby to see even more leaking in my ceiling vent and even more pronounced cracks forming in the ceiling. Definitely an unsettling feeling. I end up going into my attic to check out the unit, only to have a massive hole from the ceiling fall out at midnight and for me to discover a pipe that had been eaten through by some rats. I immediately called Western Rooter on Sunday morning around 9am, hoping for an appointment on Monday or Tuesday of this week. They said, “no problem, we’ll send someone over at 930am”. I couldn’t believe it! Isaias comes over at 920am, takes a look at the pipe, then explains why I’m seeing all the leaking (the water was flowing down the wood over two stories!!) and went up into the attic and fixed everything in 30 minutes. I turn the AC on, no more dripping, and now everything has a chance to dry out. By the way, this is all happening on SUNDAY MORNING, a day when most people would rather be hanging at home with their families. Isaias came over, just seemed so happy to be there and willing to fix our problem. I’m grateful that he was willing to come by and fix our problem, as who knows how much more damage that leak could have caused us. I’m grateful for Isaias and Western Rooter for taking time away on a Sunday to help us!!!
— Chen-wei Y.
Western Rooter is the BEST! And this is why:
I had a very serious clogging in my kitchen sink. Western Rooter fixed the issue immediately. The work was outstanding. Clean up was tremendous like they had never been here. These plumbers were all so personable and friendly. I HIGHLY recommend Western Rooter!
— Ken Z.
Tony and Renee fixed a clogged / leaking drain pipe for us. They showed up on time, did what they said they would, charged what they said they would and left our house clean. Very professional.
I may have been able to get this done cheaper. In fact, if I wanted a real mess, I could have done it myself. I’m glad I went with Western Rooter.
— Jonathan A.
Service was amazing from the call to arrange the appointment through the departure once the job was done. I have a 120 year house so issues are expected. My hall bathroom was clogged in all three drains. Cody Anderson arrived at said time friendly and professional. It was obvious from the start that he had experience and knew how to handle the situation. Even when my wonky plumbing threw some curve balls at him, he never gave up and was determined not to leave until everything ran perfectly. He was efficient and fair and even took the time to explain to me the way system worked and why it was backing up the way it did. I recommend Western Rooter 100% and hope you get Cody or someone comparable
— Danielle D.
Refered by my realtor, I had Western Rooter come out on two separate occasions. And, both times they delivered. The job maybe minor plumbing issues (replacing angle stops), but nevertheless Homar and Daniel were very professional, courteous and very thorough.
— K O.
Great service! Rene came on time and fixed the leaks in my two toilets. Everythinf was easy & pleasant. Will call them again if anything ever happens.
— Elizabeth E.
My client bought a condo and there was a valve leak that the seller refused to fix. I called HOA and they recommended that I use this company because if you do not reset the water supply stack it can be a $270 - $350 charge. Bogus, I know.

The company sent out Him at and he was great. He tried to fix the problem and spent 3 hours before finding out that it was a valve problem vs the cartridge fix. They did not charge me a thing for the work done that day.

They can back today and fixed the valve and it cost me $630 after the 10% discount. I like how they capped the price so you know they are not just trying to keep the tab running on you.

What I am happy about most with them is that they were responsive and friendly. Homar really tried to keep it cheap for me and fixed the valve making minimal damage. It could have been larger and costs could have gotten out of control.

Thank you western rooted!
— Douglas L.
We had been using another plumber in our area for over 40 years but the decline in the quality of that plumber’s work and the excessively high rates charged by that plumber caused us to look elsewhere. We called Western Rooter and Plumbing to repair a faucet and loose toilet and what was estimated to be a one hour job turned into a four hour job. The repairs were made to our satisfaction and the charge for the work was quite reasonable. As a result we called Western Rooter and Plumbing again to repair a kitchen faucet and dishwasher air gap. Again, the work was done to our satisfaction and, again, the price charged was quite reasonable. We found the staff at Western Rooter and Plumbing to be very courteous and professional and we highly recommend them for your Plumbing needs.
— Ron R.
We were having landscaping done and found a leak our water line that needed to be fixed before moving forward. Western Rooter was able to send someone out within the hour and make the repair. Johnny was knowledgeable, explained what the options were, and went over pricing. We were really happy with the end results, and have subsequently called him out for other plumbing issues we’ve had. Pricing is reasonable and you know exactly what you’re paying for. I would definitely recommend them if you’re having any plumbing issues.
— Lauren D.
I’ve been using this company for a while now for various simple and complicated plumbing issues. They are always very courteous, timely and reasonably priced.

I called today at 7 am because my kitchen sink was backing up. I asked for some to arrive as close to 3:00 pm as possible. Pablo called to notify me he was on his way which was super helpful. He arrived and quickly assessed my sink situation and went to work. He was done in less than an hour, with great results for my sink and was very meticulous about making sure everything was clean prior to leaving.

Thanks for a positive experience Pablo!
— Tina B.
My bath tub and shower were backed up. Messaged these guys and they responded immediately. Danny came out the same day right on time. Super quick and gave me the rundown on options. Made some great suggestions and even looked at my leaky faucet. Very fair price! Would definitely call them again. Thanks!
— Lazar M.
Johnny came out to install a new outlet in our kitchen. He did a great job and did it quickly. We highly recommend Johnny for any of your plumbing needs.
— Christi A.
We recently had a pipe crack from our upstairs bathroom causing extensive leaking, falling plaster, and damaged wood lath. We contracted Western Rooter to troubleshoot and repair the damage. The plumber, Isaias, who came to do the repairs was courteous and respectful. He arrived promptly, was communicative about the issues and the solution, and handled the job professionally. In the past we have contracted Western Rooter to do small maintenance jobs and have received good service from Danny. I would strongly recommend Western Rooter for any big or small plumbing job because they have consistently provided good service, great communication over the phone, and fair pricing.
— Sarah P.
Adam Amador came on time and quickly resolves the clogged drains in the bathroom. He was friendly, courteous, professional, and left the bathroom cleaner than he found it. No surprises or hidden costs. I would happily do work with Western Rooter again.
— Vahe S.
Called Western Rooter and Plumbing company after being referred by another plumbing company. They sent a young man named Homer who was just delightful!! he took care of my problem and charged me a decent fee.

The thing I really appreciate is that I thought I needed a new garbage disposal. He could have said I needed a new one, but he didn’t. He fixed the problem and said I didn’t need a new garbage disposal.

Thanks Western for your honesty and for Homer.
— Julie M.
We had a leak issue with our tub and my husband called Western Rooter based on reading all the positive yelp reviews! Carlos came out to our house in the time frame scheduled. He was professional and explained the problem and solutions clearly. Within an hour he got the parts needed and fixed our leak issue! I will use them in the future with any plumbing issues!
— Annie Y.
Carlos and Josh are very courteous and were on time. They listened to our concerns and did their job well, fixing both our clogged shower drains without a problem. Great service and great people!
— M. M.
This review is for the services we received at our place of business, from Josie (through the phone) and Isaias (the tech that came out to help us out). Both were exceptional in terms of customer service; polite, quick, and efficient. Isaias actually came out to the location earlier that we had expected him; which was terrific, since a plugged up toilet is NOT great for business.

The first try didn’t get it; he left, and it was clogged again. He came back the same day and was able to de-clog the pipes with a 100-ft thingie majiger (yikes!)
— Jeanny L.
Omar H came out (same day) and replaced our water heater. He was very professional and considerate and did a great job. Happy customer!
— Kyle F.
Admittedly, after reading the rave reviews, there was some skepticism on my part. It took all of 90 minutes to be convinced of Westerns stellar reputation. Carlos arrived at my house, for a leaky pipe under my house, within 90 minutes of my call. He quickly and accurately diagnosed the issue (PVC pipe leak) and repaired it within an hour. I could not speak any higher of their professionalism and prompt service!
— josh m.
Our lateral pipe needed to be jetted on an emergency basis. Within an hour of our initial call we had an electronic quote which was very reasonable, and Omar H and Justin G were on their way. They immediately got to work after mentioning that they would be as careful as possible with our plants. Within an hour and one half they were finished. A tree root from the parkway had intruded, but the cast iron pipe was not broken. They showed us everything that the camera saw and will send a copy of the camera work for our records within 3 days. They answered every question that we had, We cannot recommend Western Rooter and Omar H and Justin G highly enough.
— L. S.
My water heater decided to break right after we bring our 1 week old baby home so I called Western as they’re my go-to resource for all things plumbing. I called around 9am and was told someone will show up between 10-12am and right around 10:30am, Carlos and his crew showed up.

I’ve used Western many times so I know the folks that work there but I haven’t met Carlos before but was impressed by his knowledge and professionalism even though he’s probably one of the younger ones there.

Long story short, Carlos and his guy ordered a water heater for me (told me everything about it, and why so I’m comfortable with it), pull out the old one and in goes the new one. Connected everything and even helped me adjust the water pressure at my house so it’s a bit stronger while checking out my bathroom sprinkler to see if he can make it stronger as I had some questions about why it’s not coming out as strong.

Everything was done in less than 2 hours if you don’t count waiting for the water heater delivery but I know a water heater usually lasts 8-12 years so I want to make sure I don’t go cheapo on it and have it come back to haunt me, we’re back in business with hot water running and even better water pressure than ever!

I highly recommend Western Rooter, they will make sure that customer satisfaction is number one, even jobs before I had done that had gone a week over the 1 year warranty they came and helped repaired it with no cost. Trust these guys, they stand behind their work and they will tell you straight up on everything, the workmanship is tops, thank you Carlos and the crew at Western!
— Eric T.
Carlos and Josef are just outstanding! They helped me trouble shoot a nasty sewer problem at an apartment building I manage and figured out what to do quickly, with minimal fuss and at a great price. Best of all, the inconvenience to my tenant was practically non-existent. Great work at a low price, can’t beat that! These guys are tops.
— Jeff C.
Said and Manny were able to give me an estimate, find parts, and do the repair to my shower faucet and plumbing within 3hrs. The plumbing was an old hack job done by the previous owner. Their attitudes were great, prices were fair, and workmanship was excellent.
— Tony A.
I called on Saturday at 12:30 and got an appointment for 1:30-3:30pm, same day. Anthony showed up, spent an hour taking care of the clogged kitchen sink and spent extra time to flush the pipe. I am very satisfied with his service. Will recommend them.
— JB S.
Based on the great reviews on yelp, I decided to use Western Rooter for my clogged sink. Justin was very courteous, professional, and knowledgeable. He fixed the problem really quickly and explained the process. Thank you Justin for the great customer service!! Highly recommend them!
— priscilla w.
Amazing response time and service. I called at 8:45 am about a clogged shower drain and they arrived at 9:05! They fixed my problem by 9:15! Omar and Johnny were courteous and very knowledgable in addition to fixing the issue. They also were very clean and took care not to damage any items. Would highly recommend and use again. Thank you
— John C.
I’ve never written a review on Yelp but I really wanted everyone to know what a great job Western Rooter did. Justin came out to take a look at our blocked sewer pipe and was able to determine that there an issue with our pipe (obstruction or collapsed pipe) at the front of our driveway. He was extremely professional, courteous and let us know exactly what he was doing and how he determined the issue. A couple of days later, he and Omar and two crew members started work on our driveway. They were efficient and broke down our concrete driveway within hours. The problem ended up being further down our sewer line, right where our pipe connects to the city’s main line. We thought we’d have to pay about $15000 to tear up the street and replace the pipe but they managed to clear the pipe of roots! Despite being a bit more complex than their first assessment, they honored the initial quote. I can’t praise them enough for their hard work and professional demeanor. On top of that, they all had a great attitude, which I think is amazing considering they are literally dealing with crap all day long! I don’t think I’ve ever had a more seamless and painless experience with a work crew and I encourage anyone with sewer issues to ask for Justin and Omar.
— H W.
WOW! Actually my Homeowner’s Association chose Western Rooter and Plumbing for a second opinion on a large plumbing job.When the gentleman arrived for the appointment (Mike), he was right on time, clean, courteous and very knowledgeable and capable. I certainly hope my Homeowner’s Association agrees with his bid/estimate for the job. They seem like the kind of company that I’d like to do business with.
— Debbie W.
We called last night at 6pm to have someone come out to fix a leak behind our fridge. The leak was coming from behind the shut off valve, and turning it off did nothing but build pressure and make the leak worse. Ruben came out by 7pm and started working right away. He informed me that he had to cut the hole in the wall to see where the leak was. But fortunately he found it without having to do that. He let me know what the problem was, and that there was a few options for fixing it. He then went straight to work and even went out to Home Depot to get the part he needed.

He cleaned up after and helped me move the fridge back into place. Really great service, professional, friendly and great price.

Will definitely use them again!
— Aiden A.
Called needing a plumber ASAP to change out my old rusted laundry hookups. Greeted by a courteous receptionist over the phone. Given a very manageable two-hour window the next morning. Jesse the tech arrived right on time at the front of the appointment window. Nice, friendly, & knowledgeable guy. Allowed me to look over his shoulder & explained what was going on and what to expect. Would definitely call again.
— Bill S.
Used Western Rooter again for a tub/shower drain problem. We tried to fix it ourselves but only made the problem worse. Danny came out within three hours of our first call and restored service to both our bathrooms in an efficient and professional manner...he even wore booties to protect our floors! Price was reasonable too. I don’t know why I tried other plumbers after using Western Rooter the first time but no more. Western Rooter is who we’ll call first every time!
— Hannah J.
I’ve been using Western Rooter (WR) for years. They never disappoint. They are thorough, efficient, and fair with their pricing. Homar was the representative this time. He worked tirelessly to clear a drain in a quirky old house kitchen and even scrubbed the sink while he ran the water to see if everything was working! He was patient, pleasant, & explained what he was doing so there would be no surprises... Thank you, Homar, and once again, thank you WR...
— Leni F.
Cant thank them enough!! I own a 15 unit apartment building in Pasadena and having a plumber that I can is great. Called them up after hours and they were there within 1 hour and were able to fix the problem in know time.

Thank you Western Rooter!!!
— John L.
Was able to schedule an appointment time easily (had same day availability) and the worker was right on time, at the beginning of the 2 hour window they gave me. I had a long standing problem with water flowing to my kitchen faucet, and it took Carlos A. less than a minute to diagnose and solve my problem with an embarrassingly easy fix. Not only did he not charge me for the service call, he also provided some advice for another concern with my outside water line. The advice he gave me proved to me that he was not out to create more business (and more expense for me). I’m very happy that I chose Western Rooter to handle my problem. Thanks Carlos!
— Darren K.
Hi, I called Western rooter , and Ruben and his son came out, they were fast, courteous and honest, and unclogged my kitchen sink, Yay!! Only thing is, I didn’t realize I.had to mention reg the 10% discount, so hopefully i will still be able to get it ( since its my first time) :) thank u
— Brigette P.
Came out late in the day without a problem. Said they work all night no worries - can come anytime you need them. Needed to rooter a kitchen drain another plumber would not touch. Our plumber (Aaron) was very professional and did a great job. Problem solved and he even cleaned up all the mess! Call them again anytime.
— Mr. X.
When the heavy rains came a few weeks ago, water flooded our garage due to a clogged outside drain. Even though they’d received a lot of other calls that day, they were able to send someone. Jimmy was professional, polite, and did a very nice cleanup before he left. The cost for the work was very reasonable.
— Cindy F.
I’ve been using Western Rooter for a little over a year. My home was built in 1925 and has the old galvanized plumbing. So over time, things are getting fixed. They have installed a cleanout (which works), replaced the water heater, and replaced the main water line from the city to the house. I still need to replace the hot and cold lines under the house and route a new sewer line from the house to the city. It’s crazy how expensive plumbing is but it’s essential to have it done correctly. Mike has been the man who typically does the work and he’s always a pleasure to work with. He’s knowledgeable and a jack of all trades :-) I’ve never had any problems with Western Rooter and will continue to be a loyal customer.
— Gabriella G.
Just had Justin (and now Omar) from Western Rooter out to diagnose a long-standing problem we’ve been having at my complex and he was great to deal with. Both were extremely polite, thorough and took the time to explain the issue (roots in the pipes) to both me and the owner of the property.

I can’t comment on the pricing/costs as I’m not the one paying the bill (I’m the tenant/renter) but the service itself was excellent and after MONTHS of having multiple other companies out that simply rooted the pipes, it was great to have someone go more in-depth to find the issue. He was able to get a camera down there and find two spots where we have cracks in the pipe and roots are getting in. He also gave us a gameplan of what we can do to get it fixed and (pending the owner approving) they were willing to start tomorrow to dig up the concrete and get the permanent fix in place. Considering the work he did today, I’m hoping the property owner continues to use Western Rooter and we move forward with the suggested fix.

UPDATE: The following day Omar and Justin both came out to fix the source of the problem. They used cameras and sensors to find exactly where the cracks/roots were in the pipe, cut out the concrete and dug down to fix it all within a day (in TWO different spots!). They then cleaned everything up before leaving and set us up with a concrete guy who is coming by tomorrow to put things back the way they were. Amazing work, start to finish!

Thanks again Justin, Omar & WR!
— Ryan B.
We were getting FIOS installed in the attic and the installer noticed a strong gas smell up there. The gas company came out and verified that there was a large leak from a pipe that was inadequately or improperly sealed on installation of our tankless water heater and shut off the gas and put a lock on the meter. We had another highly reviewed company come out that afternoon and they quoted me $325.35 just to locate the leak, which seemed unnecessary since the gas company had already located it, but they stated that they needed to independently find the leak due to liability issues. They also quote a rate of $500-$800 to repair the leak based on how many inches of pipe needed to be repaired, so I was looking at about a $800 job in the best case. Although having the gas shut off was a big issue, $800 is an even bigger one so I contacted Western Rooter and they were able to send someone out 4 hours later (I think his name was Mike?). He actually listened to the gas company’s findings, inspected the pipe and agreed with them. He took out the pipe, cleaned, resealed and reinstalled it using correct plumbing methods and was in and out in 2 hrs at $90/hr. $180 is much preferable to $800!
— Forrest Y.
Had a leaking water heater on a holiday weekend evening and Western Rooter came to save the day. Carlos showed up within 30 minutes of the initial call and he quickly diagnosed and solved the issue. I appreciated the professionalism and punctuality.
— RJ S.
Honest Business, highly recommend! The tech worked to fix a leak in my toilet, when he was done it still leaked, apparently due to a crack, he was there an hour and even ran to get parts but didn’t charge me!
— Victor B.
On time, exceptionally quick, and reseated a leaking toilet with no problem. Excellent service from Carlos A. and Joseph. Have used western rooter twice and will continue to do so.
— Allie C.
I would strongly recommend Western Rooter & Plumbing to anyone. We have used the company many times in the past but this last time we were extremely pleased with the service. Justin Goytia and Omar Hernández were fantastic in all aspects. They were very respectful, punctual and hard working. They explained everything that needed to be done and kept us posted every step of the way. It was a two day job and as promised it was completed in a timely manner. We will definitely ask for Justin and Omar if we ever need anymore work done in the future. Thanks again
— Nicole S.
Jimmy was terrific. He arrived within the window, assessed the issue and provided an expert and professional opinion on how to solve.
— Robin S.
I phoned Western Rooter on a sunday morning because of blockage of a kitchen sink. I was quoted a price which is reasonable for a weekend rate. i received a call back from the office informing me that a plumber would be there between 10 and 11 a.m. A young man by the name of Justin G. showed up at around 10:30 a.m within the window. He was quite thorough and had all the right equipments to do the job. I would say that he was punctual, courteous and professional.
— Aida D.
Our association called on Western Rooter to excavate about 200 feet of cement and replace a storm drain underneath. Omar and his group was assigned to this job and I just like to say thanks very much to Omar. They did a wonderful job and they did it in the time indicated. And the price was the most reasonable of the various bids that I had solicited as the treasurer of this association. Five stars for Omar and his group. I intend to use Western Rooter for my internal plumbing problems based on the work they have done for the association.
Thank you very much.
— Carl Maier
Our drain was clogged and water was backing up in the shower and the toilet. This is the third time we’ve used them since we’ve lived here. In the past, running the snake was sufficient to clear the line. This time, the snake didn’t take care of the problem. The next day, Carlos and Josef came for hydro jetting and cctv to determine the severity of the problem.

Carlos and Josef were both very helpful. As I watched with them on the video, they kindly explained to me all the issues as they encountered them. I’m an inquisitive person, so I had plenty of questions, and they thoroughly answered all my questions with great patience. Perhaps I don’t know better, but I believe they went above and beyond...they went into the crawl space under the house (who wants to go there?) to get a better understanding of where the pipes run. They also found another clear out in there so they even tried running the hydro jetter through there as well.

I say all this to say that they were very persistent in trying to identify the problem and help me out. They weren’t in a rush to just finish the job and get out of there. They were clearly trying to help us out by clearing the problem for us, and they were successful. I think the two of them genuinely enjoy their job which helps in terms of providing good customer service.

Definitely would recommend Western Rooter, and Carlos and Josef in particular.
— Raoul M.
This review is for Justin Goytia and Omar Hernandez.
They offered service that was outstanding in every respect. The prices were far below the going rate and they keep at it until the problem is fixed! (Had to did a 3.5 foot hole in the ground ,cut the cast iron pipe and installed a 2 way clean out)
Will use them again.
— Barbara S.
I had a very slow patio drain that could have threatened my living room if it did not drain right. I contacted Western Rooter this past week, as based upon their Yelp reviews. My problem was due to some massive tree root damage. The crew that came out (Justin, Omar, John and Manual) were able to evaluate the situation, gave me several options, with cost estimates, did the repair and left my patio area very clean. The work was done over two and half days and, through out the whole time, Justin and Omar kept me apprised of what they were doing.

They did a great job and I consider them now my “plumber of choice”.
— Margaret L.
This company was recommended to me when I was having a major plumbing problem at my house..of course, I discovered this when I get home from work about 5:30pm—-I contacted them and they had someone over in about 15 minutes! Siad came and unclogged my sink and while he was here—I had him roto rooter my son’s sink and my kitchen sink too....about a week later, I noticed that my kitchen sink was still a bit sluggish and I called to see if they could send someone out again ( I live in a townhouse complex and share a sewer drain)—Said came back and work for about half an hour, location a clog way down the shared drain. Of course, this was provided to me free of charge. I can’t be happier with this company and I am very pleased to recommend them.
— Adriana L.
5 Stars definitely!!! Joseph came to snake out my sink and spent many hours trying to get it to work. I really appreciate the effort. Carlos and Joseph came the next day and unfortunately I had to replace some pipe and they installed a new cleanout. I feel they were very fair and reasonable in their price. Everyone is so professional. They did a beautiful job cleaning up and left my kitchen spotless. Joseph you are the very best!!! Carlos too! Thank you so much! If you need a plumber definitely call Western Rooter & Plumbing!!! They also have very nice girls on the telephone to get you started! :)
— Linda N.
Justin from Western Rooter provided excellent customer service!! I called them on a Saturday as I had water backing up in my system. I called them and they were able to send someone out quickly. Justin stayed hours overtime to help fix and replace the broken line and didn’t leave until I had a working bathroom for which I can’t thank him enough. The price was reasonable and the service was wonderful. I know that my older home will probably need plumbing work again, and I would not hesitate to call.
— Eleanor W.
Our kitchen sink got clogged up and at first I was going to call Roto Rooter. After seeing the bad reviews, I saw the Yelp reviews for Western Rooter. I was surprised at the 5 star rating and read the reviews. I called at 630 PM and they were able to get a technician out that evening. Justin G. was our technician, he was nice and polite. Explained what he was going to do. He had a little trouble with our drain but after he pulled out the big equipment, he got the job done. The price was very reasonable, in fact the least expensive plumber call I’ve ever paid. His work was great and we will be using Western Rooter again to get some faucets replaced. We have used another company for years but recently they have been shoddy in their work and definitely overcharging. Western Rooter and Plumbing is going to be getting our business from now on. Once again, great job, I have to commend Justin G., a tru professional.
— Lou D.
If you own a home, you have had a parade of plumbers in and out over the years. I have too, though I probably could not name any of the companies, which did their job adequately or not and left me wondering if the repair that they insisted on was necessary, and I have always been pretty sure I overpaid for their service. Working with Western Rooter, and, in particular, the plumber that they sent, Omar Hernandez, was a completely different experience - a remarkable one. We had a clogged sewer line, which was causing dirty water to back up into the showers and the toilets to overflow. Omar used a pipe camera and discovered that we had thick roots clogging the pipe. Every step along the way, he showed me the pictures and explained very carefully what the options were for fixing the problem. He gave us three solutions, some temporary, others longer-lasting. We decided to use a jetter to blast out the roots and then determine how extensive the problem was from there. I was pretty sure that he would tell us that we needed to go with the most expensive repair...but he did not. We decided on a spot repair, and he immediately called someone to come over and help him do the job. This whole drama began around 10:30 in the morning. They stayed until 11:00 at night to complete the work because they did not want to inconvenience us in any way. Incredible! They dug a 6 1/2 foot hole in our parkway; this morning I went to look at it; I was hard-pressed to locate the spot.
And, I was so impressed that the price that I was originally quoted never changed regardless of the extra time they had to put in cutting through the thick roots or the extra materials they had to get to fix our sewer line and our main water line. On top of all of this, Omar and Justin are the nicest people - I’m glad the problem is resolved, but I’m sorry that I won’t be seeing them again any time soon. I am certain of that because they did such outstanding work.
— Jane K.
Our shower was completely clogged so we called our Home Warranty Plumber. He tried to unclog it without success. He walked around the house and could not find the clean out to the main line. He told me it would cost alot of money to fix the problem. The next day, I looked for Plumbers in my area and saw the Yelp reviews for Western Rooter & Plumbing. Hans and Mike came out to the house and quickly identified the problem (roots....grrr). Hans worked for hours in our bathroom and cleaned out the drain. Both men were very professional, and friendly. They didn’t try to upsell us and Mike answered all my questions about copper repiping. Btw, Hans found the main line clean out within minutes. Thanks so much!
— Abbie C.
I had a leak under my sink that had been an on -going problem off and on for a few years. Each time the plumber that I’d used advised me to change the faucet. This time Vinny from this company advised me that the problem was something called an O ring which connects to the sprayer in the faucet. Problem solved. Vinny arrived on time, was professional and knowledgeable and I’m a satisfied customer who would recommend Western Rooter.
— Mary P.
My family was headed out of town for a 3-day weekend when we noticed our fire sprinklers were leaking pretty bad. Worried about what that would do to my wood deck, I called my home warranty company. Of course they denied it so on Saturday morning I called this place based on Yelp reviews and the fact that they are open on a Saturday. I called at 7:30 and my message was promptly returned. They said someone would be at my house between 9-11 and Michael showed up around 9:15. He didn’t have the part needed but called a local store to make sure they had it, drove to get the part, and returned to fix it. He gave me a price before he left and it was even lower than his first quote. Straight forward and easy doing busy with Western Rooter. Thank you!!
— J. D.
It seems like a one year anniversary. Had to call out Western Rooter to clear the toilet and sink as the drains were backing up, and last time I called was Jan last year. Called around 5:45 pm and someone was here within the hour. And once again, very reasonable prices.
— David W.
We had excellent, prompt service from Jesse at Western Rooter. I’d recommend him anytime.
— Damiana L.
Great customer service on the phone. They quoted a price, a time and Danny Maldanado arrived early, was professional, thorough and did a great job on a tough sewer line. He gave me an invoice, and charged me what was quoted over the phone. I would definitely hire them again and recommend Western Rooter to my friends!
— Michelle M.
Jesse was very quick and solved our clogged sink problem we’ve had for several months.
— Conan C.
Found Western Rooter here on Yelp thanks to yalls great reviews. Sprang many leaks and desperately needed someone to come and take a look at the hot mess. Called and Renee on the phone was super helpful, super quick, and super sympathetic (think: poopy baby while trying to balance the phone on my shoulder. Wasn’t the best day I’ve had as a mom). They were here super soon after and even respected the sign up on our door (not to ring the doorbell, but knock due to the napping baby). They were in & out, leak stopped, and not too bad a price.
Thanks for the help!
— Melissa G.
I purchased a 100 yr old craftsman home in the Pasadena area and needless to say there were some serious plumbing issues. I had a sewer inspection done during escrow by a very reputable company on the westside and the number they came back with was between 10k -15k for my replacing my sewer line. Danny at Western Rooter got the job done for a lot less, saving me somewhere between 3k-9k. I am not giving 5 starts just for saving money though, I was also impressed by the level of professionalism and the punctuality, being on time, delivering on your promise and acting courteous go along way. Any job, big or small I would not hesitate to call Western Rooter, ask for Danny.
— john f.
Western Rooter is the best plumbing company I have worked with! I am a property manager that has been in the business for 27 years, so I have been through many plumbing companies. They are reliable, do great work, and their prices are reasonable. You won’t find a better company in Southern California.
— Laura G.
After reading all the positive reviews, I decided to give western rooters a call and I’m glad I did. The receptionist was friendly and patient as she tried to answer my questions. They set a window time in which someone would come to my house and to my surprise they actually arrived at the time indicated. I am much appreciative of Danny who was able to unclog all my drains in a matter of minutes! He was pleasant and gave me helpful advice. I would definitely use them again and I recommend them to everybody.
— jacqueline l.
5 stars all the way. Got a backed up main sewer line after Thanksgiving. Called around and everyone pointed me to Western Rooter. Made an appointment and they said 9-11 was the service window. Carlos and Vinny got here at 8:50. Everything was done (toilet put back and caulked, everything wiped down, etc.) by 10. Great job, highly recommend Western Rooter.
— Alan L.
Western Rooter has been a mainstay in the Greater Los Angeles area for years now. They are the definition of what a great family run business is, and have been an integral part of the community in Arcadia. Great work, great service, and friendly faces are what make Western Rooter a go-to for all your plumbing needs!
— Joe O.
These guys are professional and efficient. It was very nice that they were on time, had all the parts and got the job done in a couple of hours. They even called to let me know they are on the way!

Good job Mike, thank you for making my toilet flush again and suggesting / installing a clean out for future maintenance.
— Klayton C.
Called them on a Monday morning. The gave me a 45 minute window an hour later and came a 1/2 hour early. They spotted the issue, cleaned my drain and were out at an extremely reasonable price in less than 40 minutes. No games, no add-ons, no stalling. I will call them again.
— P A.
I just had Western Rooter out to look at my instant hot and my water filter for my fridge. When I called to make my appointment, the lady was so nice and friendly. She worked around my schedule and made it really easy for me. Raul and Manny were the ones to come to my house. They were on time and very friendly as well. I would recommend both Raul and Manny to anyone who has plumbing issues.

Instant hots can be extremely expensive, and both Raul and Manny said they would find me one at a fair price, even if it might take a couple days. I was very impressed by this. I felt confident that I was going to pay a fair price for what I needed.

I have used many plumbing companies in the area, and none of them compare to Western Rooter. The prices are fair and service is superior. They also have a lot of specials and deals. I feel very comfortable with Western Rooter servicing any of my plumbing needs. I think it goes to show the importance of a local, family run business. They definitely know wonderful service and great plumbing.
— Lauren M.
We have a very old house and have called quite a few different plumbing companies over the years but these guys are the best! They came out right away and fixed both my faucets and some other drain issues we were having. He didn’t have all the right parts for the faucets, but it didn’t take long for him to run and get them. I would absolutely call them again!!
— Brianne E.
We had Daniel (Rosas) investigate our non-flushing toilet-which he diagnosed as having blocked jets since it was old..... he bought and replaced the toilet next day so a quick response!
He encountered a difficulty with non matching screws as a consequence of the age of the original fittings but eventually managed to make them fit by sawing off the extra half inch!
Problem solved!

My husband managed to finish the job by sticking on the ‘knobs’ which covered the screws later that day As usual western Rooters provide excellent service. We have had to call them out many times to clear the drains as tree roots are frequently blocking the pipes. We have always found them to be speedy, efficient, friendly and professional.
— Elizabeth J.
First time I had to call for plumbing service for shower drainage. I was online in the early AM and came across WRP on google and reviews were off the charts. I read almost all of the reviews and nothing but 5 star reviews from people and so I thought I would try them out. I visited 5 other websites and nothing compared to their prices, very fair and unbeatable. Omar was my tech and he was on time, very friendly and courteous. After the job he even cleaned up the area he had worked around. Stand up guy. Thanks Omar! If you guys need service these guys I would recommend 110%...Thanks WRP
— MarQo D.
We’ve used Western Rooter for a number of issues we’ve had with our plumbing and they’ve always proven to be reliable, efficient and reasonably priced. Most recently, we had a serious sewer pipe crack that needed to be replaced and both Mark & Josh did a terrific job managing the project. They got everything done in a day and really tried to give us a reasonable price for the serious nature of the repair. Highly recommend them.
— Jason K.
Have used this plumbing company twice now and they are terrific. The staff is professional, always on time, and knows exactly what they are doing.
— Pamela T.
My wife & I have been using Western Rooter (WR) for our plumbing needs for 20+ years. They are consistently good, personable, & have great prices. This past week we had to take “the big plunge” and have our main sewer drain replaced, due to roots infesting our old clay pipes. Homar & his crew took care of this with efficiency & professionalism & good humor. We are once again thankful to WR for taking good care of us with excellent workmanship, fair prices, & financing we can afford. Thank you Homar & crew!
— Steve S.
The bathroom sink stopped up and the apartment management called Western Rooter which is their contract plumbing service. Justin arrived on time and cleaned out the drain in five minutes. He put everything back together and left everything clean and functional. He also gave some good advice on keeping the drain open. On time, in and out in ten minutes, good job.
— Wayne M.
Thank God for Western Rooter and Plumbing! My sewer line backed up right before I was hosting a dinner party. These guys came out almost immediately and started working on the problem, which turned out to be pretty major. They eventually installed a clean-out in my front yard which took them two days of hard work under a hot sun. But both guys (Homar and ??) were professional and gracious from start to finish. They explained everything clearly and communicated what it would cost upfront.

My plumbing is back to normal. Yay! But if I have any more problems, I’ll be sure to call these guys. Thanks again!
— Jon V.
Both toilets were backed up, and I couldn’t clear the line myself, so I got onto Nextdoor and most of my neighbors seemed to recommend Western Rooter, so I gave them a call. They gave me a 2-hour window for their plumber to arrive, and he did arrive within that window. The service technician’s name was Ruben, and he was very knowledgeable, professional, and ready and willing to get the problem resolved.

We agreed on snaking the main line from the roof, and he had to bring in a 2nd plumber for that task. The 2nd plumber arrived soon after, and they had the blockage cleared very quickly, but ran tests in the bathroom just to be certain the problem was completely resolved.

Ruben told me up front that it would cost $200 for the job, which is consistent with their price sheet online.

From the dispatch person, to the accounting staff, to the technicians (Ruben & Homar), everyone was fair, friendly, and fast. I would definately use Western Rooter again!
— Todd S.
The plumber, whose name is Homer, came to my home right on time. He was polite and very pleasant. He immediately assessed what needed to be done and was quick and efficient. I highly recommend the services of Western Rooter, if all their service is as excellent as my experience today.
— Nancy M.
Our kitchen drain backed up the morning of the day we were having a dinner party for 36 people. Turned out we needed to replace the branch line. Pablo and R.J. turned what could have been a disaster into a success by working all day and finishing up just as the first guests arrived. They were total pros and I give them my highest recommendation.
— Paul R.
The need for major plumbing repairs, particularly a sewer connection replacement, are never enjoyable. However, the Western Rooter team tempered our recent repair surprise with their professionalism, care and communication skills. Omar Hernandez, Homar Montano and their team provided excellent service maintaining a clean and safety-first job site, staying late over several days to finish the job and following-up throughout the project to ensure our complete satisfaction.

We particularly appreciated real communication from the team, letting us see the picture scope of our drain, explaining the options, always coming to the door to let us know what was happening next and when. This kind of customer service is so lacking in most companies.

From experience, it is particularly rare to find a service organization whose focus on the customer equals their craftsmanship. Western Rooter, from the office to the field, definitely exemplfies this important balance. Locally-owned a significant plus.
— L B.
Johnny and Anthony were great! They were very professional and friendly. Western Rooter was even able to reschedule me last minute. I would definitely recommend them for any plumbing needs!
— Jordan B.
I manage a restaurant in Pasadena which has always given me plumbing issues in our kitchen. I called western rooter and Isaias along with Ruben diagnosed the problem and fixed it all in one day. I didn’t think it was possible to do it so quickly but these guys handled fast. Both these guys along with some helpers broke into the floor, put new pipes, and closed up again. Thanks guys for the great work. Do not hesitate to call them. The price was also reasonable for the job. I will be using these guys for any plumbing issues from now on.
— Eduardo T.
Indoor plumbing is the BEST thing ever! Thanks to Western Rooter we now have that again. Homar Montano was super!

He had to replace a section of the main drain line so had to come back when he had a full day and a someone to help with the digging. We had to be gone in the morning but came back to find them halfway through the job. They just finished an hour or two ago. He scoped the whole line and cleaned out a few other spots and then made sure we had checked all the sinks, toilets, etc. before they left.

Thanks so much Homar and Western Rooter!
— C K.
Ask for Johnny!! He came with his son Anthony, and they were an excellent team! Very respectful of the house, kept everything very clean! They were also very knowledgeable and thorough. When they came out they fixed multiple problems (with two sinks, a garbage disposal, and the toilet) all in a single visit! Excellent customer service & very clearly explained all of the issues! This is not something you can find with every employee, so we are happy we got Johnny & Anthony! We will be asking for them from now on!
— Violet S.
We had a leak in a pipe that ran along our pool. I called late in the afternoon and Carlos and Josh showed up at my door at 8:00 am the next day. They worked for 2 entire days, finding the pipe with the hole, digging out the cement, digging out the mud replacing the mud/dirt and making sure the area was completely cleaned up when they finished. In addition, we live on a steep hill and they had to carry all the broken cement up 3 flights of stairs to their truck. All this time in very good humor. Under the circumstances, Carlos and Josh made it as pleasant as it could be.
— Lynn M.
Never know what to expect when calling around for a plumber but I am so glad to have found Homar from Western Rooter on Yelp. Homar was prompt and courteous. He explained the problem very clearly and provided alternatives for us to consider. Not pushy and very patient in his explanation. Will certainly use Homar from Western Rooter again for future plumbing needs.
— S K.
A couple of weeks ago, our bathroom sink backed up and started spewing black liquid all over the bathroom. I called our property management company, and they called Western Rooter. They said someone would be there within 2 hours. Reuben came in about an hour and helped fix the issue quickly and efficiently. He even helped me mop up the mess on the floor, which was incredibly nice of him! I would definitely recommend this company.
— Kristin S.
Prompt, courteous, professional service. Was able to get a same day service call on the weekend. Omar was great!
— Holly B.
These guy are the best—Homar came out last time and was fair and competent, just as all other visits over the years
— Gary D.
Plumbing Technician, Danny Maldonado just completed the work on clearing my main drain.
Friendly, courteous, professional. Arrived within ETA window. Would be happy to do business again. Would recommend.
— Jim T.
Western Rooter came to unclog our sewer line within ONE hour of our call! Mike and John were friendly and professional, and we would strongly recommend this company! Definitely our go to plumber!
— Baer S.
Excellent service from beginning to end. This was a routine clean-out, but Western Rooter sent Justin Goytia within the hour. He arrived early, was friendly and respectful, listened attentively and appraised our situation accurately, and then efficiently cleaned out not one but five drains! All in half an hour. He was meticulous, tidy and thoroughly professional down to the final paper work. I recommend him highly and also the office personnel who arranged the service visit. Thank you.
— Nicholas H.
My Tub was backed up this morning, water wouldn’t go down after my shower. After I used my sink black sludge started coming out of the drain in my shower. Called for a plumber and he arrived in the time window provided. Justin was professional and persistent. The snake wasn’t going down like it should at first and the drain was full of hair. After 30 mins of fighting with the clog Justin was victorious. He even made sure the water pressure and other items (toilet, sink) in my bathroom were working properly after the clog was removed. Justin cleaned the tub, the counter, removed all hair and wiped off his boots so he wouldn’t track anything through my place. I wanted to thank Western Rooter for their timeliness and professionalism, also commend Justin. Plumbing isn’t easy and definitely isn’t clean. I will be recommending Western Rooter to my family and friends and they will be my go to Plumbers from now on.
— Brenton S.
At 6pm on Saturday evening the neighbor living below us rang the bell saying it was raining in her bathroom. The pipes under our bath tub broke.
I call Western Rooter at 6.15. Their guy showed up at 6.45. He had a look, provided a rough quote and spent there the night until 11pm, and Sunday morning came back to finish working another couple of ours. The price at the end was what he had told us at the beginning.
Very nice, very quick responding. Excellent service.
— Damiana L.
We have used Western Rooter, they have great communication, are reliable, have fair pricing and do great work. Best of all they are very professional and friendly. They also don’t shy away from difficult tasks. We highly recommend Western Rooter for all your plumbing needs!!
— Linda N.