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We're always ready to answer your call, any time, any day, even on weekends and holidays. If you need an emergency plumber (or just regular plumbing maintenance), in or around South Pasadena, CA, including zip codes 91030, and 91031, Western Rooter & Plumbing is happy to help.

As a full service plumbing company, doing business for over 35 years, our expert plumbers are professional and experienced at handling just about every kind of plumbing job: repairing leaks, clearing clogged drains and replacing sewer pipes, installing toilets and faucets, hot water heaters (especially tankless water heaters), gas lines and earthquake gas shut off valves.

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Reviews & Testimonials from South Pasadena Homeowners

Most incredible story here. I’d been seeing some leaking from my ceiling vent for almost a month. It was very annoying, and I had an HVAC guy come out two times to tell me that it was just condensation and I shouldn’t worry about it. Soon, cracks started forming on my ceiling. I came back from a weeklong trip on Saturday night with my wife and baby to see even more leaking in my ceiling vent and even more pronounced cracks forming in the ceiling. Definitely an unsettling feeling. I end up going into my attic to check out the unit, only to have a massive hole from the ceiling fall out at midnight and for me to discover a pipe that had been eaten through by some rats. I immediately called Western Rooter on Sunday morning around 9am, hoping for an appointment on Monday or Tuesday of this week. They said, “no problem, we’ll send someone over at 930am”. I couldn’t believe it! Isaias comes over at 920am, takes a look at the pipe, then explains why I’m seeing all the leaking (the water was flowing down the wood over two stories!!) and went up into the attic and fixed everything in 30 minutes. I turn the AC on, no more dripping, and now everything has a chance to dry out. By the way, this is all happening on SUNDAY MORNING, a day when most people would rather be hanging at home with their families. Isaias came over, just seemed so happy to be there and willing to fix our problem. I’m grateful that he was willing to come by and fix our problem, as who knows how much more damage that leak could have caused us. I’m grateful for Isaias and Western Rooter for taking time away on a Sunday to help us!!!
— Chen-wei Y.
Tony and Renee fixed a clogged / leaking drain pipe for us. They showed up on time, did what they said they would, charged what they said they would and left our house clean. Very professional.
I may have been able to get this done cheaper. In fact, if I wanted a real mess, I could have done it myself. I’m glad I went with Western Rooter.
— Jonathan A.
Service was amazing from the call to arrange the appointment through the departure once the job was done. I have a 120 year house so issues are expected. My hall bathroom was clogged in all three drains. Cody Anderson arrived at said time friendly and professional. It was obvious from the start that he had experience and knew how to handle the situation. Even when my wonky plumbing threw some curve balls at him, he never gave up and was determined not to leave until everything ran perfectly. He was efficient and fair and even took the time to explain to me the way system worked and why it was backing up the way it did. I recommend Western Rooter 100% and hope you get Cody or someone comparable
— Danielle D.
We had been using another plumber in our area for over 40 years but the decline in the quality of that plumber’s work and the excessively high rates charged by that plumber caused us to look elsewhere. We called Western Rooter and Plumbing to repair a faucet and loose toilet and what was estimated to be a one hour job turned into a four hour job. The repairs were made to our satisfaction and the charge for the work was quite reasonable. As a result we called Western Rooter and Plumbing again to repair a kitchen faucet and dishwasher air gap. Again, the work was done to our satisfaction and, again, the price charged was quite reasonable. We found the staff at Western Rooter and Plumbing to be very courteous and professional and we highly recommend them for your Plumbing needs.
— Ron R.
We recently had a pipe crack from our upstairs bathroom causing extensive leaking, falling plaster, and damaged wood lath. We contracted Western Rooter to troubleshoot and repair the damage. The plumber, Isaias, who came to do the repairs was courteous and respectful. He arrived promptly, was communicative about the issues and the solution, and handled the job professionally. In the past we have contracted Western Rooter to do small maintenance jobs and have received good service from Danny. I would strongly recommend Western Rooter for any big or small plumbing job because they have consistently provided good service, great communication over the phone, and fair pricing.
— Sarah P.
Admittedly, after reading the rave reviews, there was some skepticism on my part. It took all of 90 minutes to be convinced of Westerns stellar reputation. Carlos arrived at my house, for a leaky pipe under my house, within 90 minutes of my call. He quickly and accurately diagnosed the issue (PVC pipe leak) and repaired it within an hour. I could not speak any higher of their professionalism and prompt service!
— josh m.
I called on Saturday at 12:30 and got an appointment for 1:30-3:30pm, same day. Anthony showed up, spent an hour taking care of the clogged kitchen sink and spent extra time to flush the pipe. I am very satisfied with his service. Will recommend them.
— JB S.
I’ve been using Western Rooter (WR) for years. They never disappoint. They are thorough, efficient, and fair with their pricing. Homar was the representative this time. He worked tirelessly to clear a drain in a quirky old house kitchen and even scrubbed the sink while he ran the water to see if everything was working! He was patient, pleasant, & explained what he was doing so there would be no surprises... Thank you, Homar, and once again, thank you WR...
— Leni F.
We were getting FIOS installed in the attic and the installer noticed a strong gas smell up there. The gas company came out and verified that there was a large leak from a pipe that was inadequately or improperly sealed on installation of our tankless water heater and shut off the gas and put a lock on the meter. We had another highly reviewed company come out that afternoon and they quoted me $325.35 just to locate the leak, which seemed unnecessary since the gas company had already located it, but they stated that they needed to independently find the leak due to liability issues. They also quote a rate of $500-$800 to repair the leak based on how many inches of pipe needed to be repaired, so I was looking at about a $800 job in the best case. Although having the gas shut off was a big issue, $800 is an even bigger one so I contacted Western Rooter and they were able to send someone out 4 hours later (I think his name was Mike?). He actually listened to the gas company’s findings, inspected the pipe and agreed with them. He took out the pipe, cleaned, resealed and reinstalled it using correct plumbing methods and was in and out in 2 hrs at $90/hr. $180 is much preferable to $800!
— Forrest Y.
Had a leaking water heater on a holiday weekend evening and Western Rooter came to save the day. Carlos showed up within 30 minutes of the initial call and he quickly diagnosed and solved the issue. I appreciated the professionalism and punctuality.
— RJ S.
It seems like a one year anniversary. Had to call out Western Rooter to clear the toilet and sink as the drains were backing up, and last time I called was Jan last year. Called around 5:45 pm and someone was here within the hour. And once again, very reasonable prices.
— David W.
I purchased a 100 yr old craftsman home in the Pasadena area and needless to say there were some serious plumbing issues. I had a sewer inspection done during escrow by a very reputable company on the westside and the number they came back with was between 10k -15k for my replacing my sewer line. Danny at Western Rooter got the job done for a lot less, saving me somewhere between 3k-9k. I am not giving 5 starts just for saving money though, I was also impressed by the level of professionalism and the punctuality, being on time, delivering on your promise and acting courteous go along way. Any job, big or small I would not hesitate to call Western Rooter, ask for Danny.
— john f.
Western Rooter has been a mainstay in the Greater Los Angeles area for years now. They are the definition of what a great family run business is, and have been an integral part of the community in Arcadia. Great work, great service, and friendly faces are what make Western Rooter a go-to for all your plumbing needs!
— Joe O.
My wife & I have been using Western Rooter (WR) for our plumbing needs for 20+ years. They are consistently good, personable, & have great prices. This past week we had to take “the big plunge” and have our main sewer drain replaced, due to roots infesting our old clay pipes. Homar & his crew took care of this with efficiency & professionalism & good humor. We are once again thankful to WR for taking good care of us with excellent workmanship, fair prices, & financing we can afford. Thank you Homar & crew!
— Steve S.
We had a leak in a pipe that ran along our pool. I called late in the afternoon and Carlos and Josh showed up at my door at 8:00 am the next day. They worked for 2 entire days, finding the pipe with the hole, digging out the cement, digging out the mud replacing the mud/dirt and making sure the area was completely cleaned up when they finished. In addition, we live on a steep hill and they had to carry all the broken cement up 3 flights of stairs to their truck. All this time in very good humor. Under the circumstances, Carlos and Josh made it as pleasant as it could be.
— Lynn M.
Western Rooter came to unclog our sewer line within ONE hour of our call! Mike and John were friendly and professional, and we would strongly recommend this company! Definitely our go to plumber!
— Baer S.