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We're always ready to answer your call, any time, any day, even on weekends and holidays. If you need an emergency plumber (or just regular plumbing maintenance), in or around West Covina, CA, including zip codes 91723, 91790, 91791, 91792, and 91793, Western Rooter & Plumbing is happy to help.

As a full service plumbing company, doing business for over 35 years, our expert plumbers are professional and experienced at handling just about every kind of plumbing job: repairing leaks, clearing clogged drains and replacing sewer pipes, installing toilets and faucets, hot water heaters (especially tankless water heaters), gas lines and earthquake gas shut off valves.

Please feel free to contact us any time at 626.448.6455

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Reviews & Testimonials from West Covina Homeowners

Called Western Rooter on a Saturday to clear a clogged kitchen sink drain. Justin showed up within an hour and he’s very professional, knowledgeable, courteous and polite. Most of all he fixed the problem. Price is reasonable and we’ll definitely use them again.
— Agner C.
It’s the night before Thanksgiving and my husband offered to peel potatoes for me. I took him up on it. About 30 mins later he asks me if I have been having trouble with the kitchen sink backing up. NO I HAVENT!! Well, we are now—now that my husband put all the peelings down the garbage disposal. We tried to clean it out but we were not making any progress. The sink was backed up and would absolutely not drain. At 10pm I finally said I was calling a plumber. I Yelped a 24 hour plumber, and Western Rooter came up. It was actually the 3rd place I called. 1st one didn’t answer. 2nd said they could not come until tomorrow afternoon. I then called Western. They answered the phone and said yes they would certainly be able to come out. He told me up front it would be double time. I tried to explain what was happening and he gave me a quote. I told him I was ok with that and he said someone would be out soon. It was about an hour later, which was very reasonable considering the late hour. Pablo showed up, he fixed the issue, dried up our mess, and when he gave me the bill, he said the charge was high because it was double time. I told Pablo, I’ll be honest with you, he actually quoted me more than this. Pablo said, no- I am charging you for what I did. So even tho I paid double it was less than I was quoted. But the charge wasn’t even my concern. I was very impressed that someone came out tonight, 11pm, fixed my issue, was very nice and professional and was out of here within 30 -40 mins.
If I ever need a plumber again, I will certainly give them my business.
— Tracy J.
Manny and Josef were very helpful and informative about the problems I had in my home. They listened to our concerns and did their jobs to the best of their abilities. Great service! I would recommend them to friends and family.
— Gustavo N.
Definitely they are a quick responder while I requested a quote through Yelp. John, the owner, responded to my issue/quote within 5 minutes. $90 within the hour plus other costs for parts. But there’s a 10% discount for new customers. John told me to either call them tonight or the next morning when they open at 7am to schedule the appointment. I chose to call in the morning. Spoke with a cheerful lady, Kaitlyn or is it Katie? Anyway, she was delightful and told me that someone will come in between 9am-11:00am.

Vinny came in at 9:00am. Professional, courteous, and awesome. He knew what he had to do and finished his task within 20 minutes. He cleaned it up and tested it. Job done! He had a cute mustache that I forget to compliment. But I was overjoyed that the dripping had stopped. It was leaking about one gallon every 3-4 hours. Thank you, Vinny! And thank you, John! I might need to do research on a water softener because we have hard water in the house. I will definitely call this Company back when we are ready to install one.

Issue: I had a Delta Faucet that was leaking in my bathroom tub/shower. I googled it and YouTube it and it says I need to change the valve cartridge. Of course, my folks didn’t trust me with the task so they wanted me to hire a professional to deal with it. All the faucets are Delta that came with this house built in 2007. Most Delta Faucets are warranty for life. So I called Delta and they sent me the new cartridge. Normally a valve cartridge is about $45+. So that saved us some money. It came within the week.
— Vickey F.
We had our water heater leakage and my husband called Western Rooter since we had a good experience with them. Omar Hernandez, the one who came and fixed it was superb. The price was reasonable and the service was very professional. We’ll be using them for any of our plumbing issues in the future.
— Tina W.
Had a clogged kitchen faucet. No problem right? Nope. Cast iron fitting rotted&seized. Way past what I can do. Called Western, easy appointment setup 9-11 window for the next day.
Got a call from Carlos A. about a 1/2 hour before he would arrive. Love the call ahead. Arrived, checked out the problem& immediately gave me my options. Trouble was far greater than I thought as Carlos showed me just how bad a shape the pipe was in. He told me the location&very short length of the pipe before it disappeared into the wall made it near impossible to just cut&fit a new section. But he gave it a go anyway. It just wasn’t gonna happen. Pipe was too far gone. Nuclear option it is! He had to cut a hole in the stucco to completely remove the cast iron portion&replace it. Carlos did this cleanly and quickly, called me outside to show me what was going on&told me he’d try&free up the seized metal trap plug just below what he was replacing. He left to get a few parts, came back quickly&completed the work. Tested for leaks, adjusted, retested&again called me outside to take a look at the work. He was able to get the plug free&replaced it w/an easily removable cover. All this was done within a couple of hours. The price for the work done was quite reasonable.
Carlos A did a damn good job. Call ahead, on time, kept me informed at every step and didn’t try and push things that weren’t needed. If I can’t fix it, Western Rooter is the only call I’m gonna make.
— Joe L.
My landlord uses their services and they have fixed our plumbing problems like slow drainage twice this year and they were on time and courteous.
Ruben was the plumber assigned this day and he explained what he will do and cleaned up after as I mentioned when he came in to the house I was a clean freak and he had to walk over the drop cloths I placed for him to walk over and he did not even feel offended.
— Min Youngman Y.
I used Western Rooter for the first time Tuesday (July 25) and was very impressed with the gentleman who came out to my home. His name is Said Guezdouni. I was impressed by his first introducing himself and shaking my hand. He was extremely professional, polite and explained everything that needed to be done and it was done in a timely manner! He worked on my water heater and I again have hot water! Thank you Said!

The plumber I have used for years and years was “too busy” to come and help me. Said you are the BEST!!
— Kristine P.
Said from Western Rooter was prompt and efficient, and definitely exceeded my expectations! I contacted Western Rooter this morning for a quote to clear out shower drain and fix water heater. John responded immediately and gave me a great quote to clear shower drain, but didn’t know if they could fix water heater. Plumber Said from Western Rooter was at our door within an hour of scheduling the appointment. He cleared out the shower drain and was able to get the water heater fixed all within 1/2 hour! I highly recommend Western Rooter for any plumbing issue, and will definitely use them for any future plumbing needs.
— Christine P.