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Review Date: October 12, 2010

Customer Thoughts: Quick, Professional and Thorough Job Well Done

Customer Review: Back in January 2010 we started to notice a sulphur-like odor every time our furnace kicked in and the heat came on. At first I thought perhaps the source was standing water had accumulated in the basement near the furnace; but then I woke one morning to find nasty black water standing in my tub and shower, indicating a clog in the sewer system.
My home warranty company dispatched a plumbing and rooting service to my home the same day; however I was informed that my policy only covers stoppages up to 50′ from the ground level cleanout (GLC). They said the stoppage that created the backup in my home was more than 50′ and that in order to get to it, they would need to install an additional GLC. And though this work would NOT be covered by my warranty company, they’d happy do it for a mere $900!
I mean, sure – my house is a “classic” and was built in 1928. But in all of that time, and through all of the owners before me, no one saw a need to install an additional clean out. Something didn’t “smell right” about this, so I told them thanks but no thanks. My son paid them the $60 service call fee and they left. And I immediately started researching other contractors.
Oddly enough, it would seem that the work done by the other contractor was enough to at least partially clear the stoppage because a few hours later my son called me to say that the water in the tub and shower had drained by itself. By then I had called several rooter services – including Western – and found that for about $100, they would clear my sewer line up to city lines if needed.
Fast forward to late last week and the smell returned, along with a strange thumping and gurgling sound when flushing the toilet. This time I didn’t wait until the water backed up into the tub and shower, and I called Western immediately. They had a technician out within 45 minutes of my call and the clog was completely cleared within 15-20 minutes. The cost? $100.
I’m not sure what other services Western offers, but you can bet I’ll be calling them again if I need fast, thorough service in the future.