J. D. from Pasadena

J. D. from Yelp

Location: Pasadena, CA

Review Date: January 23, 2014

Customer Review: My family was headed out of town for a 3-day weekend when we noticed our fire sprinklers were leaking pretty bad. Worried about what that would do to my wood deck, I called my home warranty company. Of course they denied it so on Saturday morning I called this place based on Yelp reviews and the fact that they are open on a Saturday. I called at 7:30 and my message was promptly returned. They said someone would be at my house between 9-11 and Michael showed up around 9:15. He didn’t have the part needed but called a local store to make sure they had it, drove to get the part, and returned to fix it. He gave me a price before he left and it was even lower than his first quote. Straight forward and easy doing busy with Western Rooter. Thank you!!

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