Jamie W. from El Monte

Jamie W. from El Monte

Jamie W. from Yelp

Location: El Monte, CA

Review Date: October 11, 2013

Customer Review: I found Western Rooter & Plumbing on Yelp. After seeing all the great reviews, I decided to try them out and made an appointment.

Danny arrived on time and was very friendly. He looked over my sister’s kitchen and unclogged it with no problem. My sister was also having problems with her trash disposal so he checked that as well. He told us what the problem was and how he was going to fix it. After he started to work on the pipes, he discovered some of the pipes were cracked and very worn. Since he didn’t have all the necessary parts, he went to Home Depot, bought the parts and came back in a reasonable time.

There was a lot of work involved, but Danny made sure to tell us what he was doing and gave us some helpful advice.

After all the work he did, he even cleaned my sister’s kitchen sink and floor. We thought it would be very expensive for all the work he did, but he only billed my sister $147.

We will definitely be calling Western Rooter & Danny for all our future plumbing needs!

Thanks again, Danny!

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