Jessica Y. from Los Angeles

Jessica Y. from Yelp

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Review Date: February 26, 2014

Customer Review: The drain in our bathtub was completely clogged and not draining. We called the “Smell Good Plumbers” and they were unable to fix the issue. They put the snake in and said it wasn’t moving, and that we would need to cut open the pipe to get to the problem (which would have been an EXTREMELY costly procedure).

After reading positive reviews on Yelp, we decided to call Western Rooter & Plumbing to see if that was really the case. Apparently not, because within 5 minutes, Carlos unclogged our drain! He was extremely professional and very friendly and did not try to rip us off like the other company. Thank you, Carlos!

I highly recommend Western Rooter to anyone with a clogged drain! Our new go-to company!