Joe P. from Arcadia

Joe P. from Yelp

Location: Arcadia, CA

Review Date: November 21, 2012

Customer Review: Last night, around 11:30 PM our water heater develops a high pressure leak…I’m outside freezing my ass off ,getting sprayed with water and figuring out where the turnoff valves are located. After successfully disabling the system, I’m up at 5:00 AM preparing for work facing an ice cold shower. I phoned Western Rooter on my way to the Hospital and I am happy to say that they are also “on call” with quick respose time. Carlos and Vinnie (Rock Solid Plumbers) kept me informed of their progress throughout the day…Replacing my old system with a “top of the line” water heater and re-plumbed the entire system for easy access in case of future problems
Carlos and his son Vinnie are incredible craftsman and understand the Art Of Plumbing…I will always use Western Rooter and their team for all of my future plumbing needs.
Doc Joe

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