L. C. from Azusa

L. C. from Yelp

Location: Azusa, CA

Review Date: January 8, 2014

Customer Review: on the phone everything seemed ok. i clld…told them my problem. agreed on an appointment time…they told me what their hourly charge was and that they give free estimates before they start doing any wel and charging you for it. however the repair guy that came kind of put me off. he came in with this loud know it all attitude. was really loud…kind of annoying…however what really ticked me off was that he wantedto charge me $65 for just “pulling out a wrench and looking around” OK…..? he said because he had to take out his wrench and tap a few spots around the water heater that it justified as him “doing some work” ok so that totally went against what Renee the rep i spoke to on the phone said. i told him that i would call the office he said fine but is still goin to write up a bill. unbelievable. so i clld the office back but nobody picked up for the longest time weird since they advertise as being 24hr service. finally someone picked up but abrubtly put me on hold without asking. was really annoyed at this point. a lady finally came on and i told her my situation. she apologized and told me she will call the repair guy to have him waive the bill. all in all it wasnt a good experience. i dont think i will be using thiscompany i they have repair guys like the one they sent to me.

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