Mike L. from Rosemead

Mike L. from Yelp

Location: Rosemead, CA

Review Date: January 23, 2013

Customer Review: Thanks to YELP we were able to find these guys!

Wife and I heard something abnormal around and under our house. It sounded like a broken pipe and water was constantly running. Without hesitation I searched up “plumbing” on yelp and didn’t have to think twice on calling these folks since I saw their 5 stars rating. They scheduled a gentleman by the name Tony to come out to inspect our problem – given I called around 12pm and they said they’ll have someone out to us from 2pm-4pm. Tony arrived roughly around 2pm as promised and started diagnosing our concern. He found the loose pipe that was broken “underneath” our house and fixed the problem within a few hours. Given it was a little expensive for the repair, I did not regret calling them and I will not hesitate to contact them again for any future repairs. You get what you pay for and these folks are top notch. Special thanks to Tony for fixing our problem.

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