Adam W. from Rohnert

Adam W. from Yelp

Location: Rohnert Park, CA

Review Date: April 11, 2014

Customer Review: Noticed this afternoon that our toilet had backed up into the shower, and was unsure what to do. Did a quick yelp search and found Western Rooter in the area, the dispatcher told me, it would be a two hour time frame. Within about an hour or less Jim was there. He was very nice, and assured me it would be fine, and all problems could be solved, he had to remove the toilet, to deal with the clog because our main drain line had a trap. He did it incredibly fast, and managed to not damage or even scratch any of the hardwood floor. He was fantastic, I don’t normally use yelp, but Jim was great, and helped me to get on with my day as soon as possible, he was also extremely friendly, I would call and request Jim if I had another pluming issue, the dispatcher was also very friendly, but I would have to credit Jim for all of his hard work, the machine was not light, and he was very fast, while he maintained conversation and explained what he was doing and why. Call Western Rooter, and if any of the rest of there employees are like Jim you will have a positive, and fair experience.

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