Andrew Cheney-Feid from Monrovia

Andrew Cheney-Feid from Angie’s List

Location: Monrovia, CA 91016

Work Completed Date: October 27, 2012

Hire Again: Yes

Approximate Cost: $78.00

Home Build Year: 1926

Description Of Work: Drain rooting and tightening of pipes in kitchen
and garage.

In an effort to get health-concious, I decided to start juicing.
Great for the body, apparently, but not so great for drains.
Disposing of the mushy, sticky pulp from the juicer parts (not the bucket that collects the majority of the pulp. I’m not that daft!) is a sure-fire way to severely clog your drains. By the way, I have also learned that garbage disposal are pretty much useless–new or old–and should definitely NOT be used for grinding up and disposing of fuits and vegetables. The ensuing nightmare started with a backed up sink and water leaking all over the cabinet over which the sink sits, and then onto my kitchen floor.
The drama didn’t stop there. My kitchen windows were open, as was the door to my garage/laundry room, from which a rather profuse sound of water was coming. The line had backed up and was gushing out of the standpipe for the washing machine run off. My entire garage was flooded with raw sewage.
The plumber arrived at the very early end of the window I was provided (between 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.) by the polite and professional receptionist at Western Rooter. I was shocked that I could even get a Saturday visit that wasn’t considered an emergency.
Carlos (the plumber) was equally friendly and professional, asked me a series of questions about the specific problem, and then immediately set to work resolving the problem. Within half an hour he had rooted the drain and was on his way to another call, but not before checking to make certain all drains flowed properly, as well as ensuring that all seals/couplings under my kitchen sink were tightened and that there were no further leaks. To sum up Carlos in one word: AMAZING!
I would rehire this company in a heartbeat, and hope that Carlos will be my go-to-plumber specialist for all my future plumbing issues.
Great job!

Company Response: Thanks for the positive feedback! We look forward to
serving you in the future! Thanks again!

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