BENJAMIN TAM from Arcadia

BENJAMIN TAM from Angie’s List

Location: ARCADIA, CA 91007

Work Completed Date: January 28, 2010

Hire Again: Yes

Approximate Cost: $1,080.00

Home Build Year: 1949

Description Of Work: Removed roots that had blocked the main sewage line in the house, ran a video camera along the entire main line, and installed a double cleanout in front of the house.

Member Comments: On Saturday morning, we developed a major blockage of our main sewage line. During a shower in the master bathroom, my wife discovered that the shower was not draining. But even worse, there appeared to be toilet water coming out of the bathtub drain, and the master toilet was not flushing completely. We called Western Rooter at 8:30 AM and they gave a 2 hr service window from 9 – 11 AM. James arrived at 11 AM and was able to immediately determine that the main sewage line was blocked. Because our house did not have a cleanout, the only fromble access to the main line was through a vent on the roof. He needed to call his associate, Sal, to bring in the equipment necessary to run the main line from the vent. After 30 min, Sal arrived and they were able to clean out the roots that had blocked the main line. Then they ran a video camera from the vent out the main line to the front of the house. Prior to removing the roots blocking the main line, James suggested we consider installing a cleanout in front of the house which would allow easier access to the main line in the future if we should develop a blockage again. We felt that this would be a wise idea. Fortunately, they did not have any other jobs to do that afternoon. So they were able to complete that job as well. They had to dig a 5 x 5 ft hole, 4 feet deep, in our front garden in order to access the main line and install the cleanout. They actually installed a double cleanout, one in order to access the main line underneath the house and one in order to access the main line going out the front of the house to the street. They ran a video camera from the vent on the roof and also from the cleanout, to ensure that the main line was completely clear. They worked the entire afternoon without break until 4 PM. Both James and Sal were very professional, hard-working, and efficient. They carefully shoveled all the dirt back to fill the deep hole they had dug. The cost for the job was a bit more than we expected, but considering the amount of work they had to do, their responsiveness on a Saturday, and the quality of their work, it was well worth it. We were so pleased with their work and honesty, we’ll be having James come back on Tuesday to give an estimate to replace a blocked drainage pipe in our backyard.