DougG2490 from Los Angeles

DougG2490 from City Search

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Review Date: October 07, 2011

Customer Review: Fantastic job fixing my sewer line.

I used City Search to find a company that would come and give me an estimate for my sewer line. I have had numerous backups with my mainline sewer for years. They sent Raul out who is a very nice guy. He came out and wanted to run a Sewer Camera to see the exact problem. Turns out my sewer was damaged. The camera told Raul where my problem was so that way he could replace only the broken part of my sewer saving me some money. He gave me a price of $1,700 to dig out and replace 10 feet of sewer. He and Said finished the job before 5 O c’lock before my wife got home to a torn up lawn. I was super impressed with the professionalism Raul and Said gave me. I highly recommend these guys to anyone. Once the job was done , Raul re-ran the sewer camera to show me that my sewer line was clear and the problem was fixed. I am very happy with this service!

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