Greg M. from Pasadena

Greg M. from Yelp

Location: Pasadena, CA

Review Date: May 10, 2014

Customer Review: My main sewer lateral got completely clogged and started spewing out into my backyard……on a Sunday, lucky me. I called a few places but western was quick to line somebody up so went with them. The receptionist gal was so friendly and was sure to explain the prices, tell me the name of who she was sending, called to update me on timing, etc. Good start. The guy that came out was Manny. Probably one of the coolest guys ever. Very friendly, professional, thorough, walked me through everything he was doing, what my options were, etc. So, turned out I had some major root intrusion. So bad there was a decent chance id end up having to replace the lateral out to the street. Huge $$ if so. Super Manny wouldn’t give up, camera’d the line at weekday price then lined me up with the big guns the next day. Since he didn’t have to go in the house I didn’t even need to be home, awesome. Plus I trusted him so it was all good. Manny was texting me to keep me up to date the whole time. He couldn’t get it cleared the first time. Brutal. This stuffs expensive. Super Manny said screw that I’m coming back out in a couple days to blast through that mess. No extra charge. Sweet. Texts me through his progress again. SCORE! gets through it. Mannys a hero. Love these folks. Highly recommend and will stick with them for any rooter needs.

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