Karen L. from San Gabriel

Karen L. from Yelp

Location: San Gabriel, CA

Review Date: October 12, 2015

Customer Review: We recently bought a new property and immediately had repeated issues with the bathrooms backing up in the last couple months. We decided to call Western Rooter and they sent out Justin and Vinny. It turns out we had 2 sections of pipe that collapsed and also tree roots clogging up one of the sections. The plumbing was also installed backwards (previous owner hired a bad plumber) Justin and Vinny were incredibly polite, took the time to explain everything, and were super professional. They were honest and didn’t try to sell unnecessary services. They worked super hard to get everything fixed as soon as possible and ended up trenching up and replacing over 20 ft of old pipes that were crumbling (the house is over 100 years old). They also re-did the plumbing and made sure everything was done right and up to code. They kept me informed throughout the whole process and texted me pictures of the progress while I was at work. I felt very reassured being updated at every stage of the work. This was a big job and because of their professionalism, experience, and honesty, we felt very happy and satisfied. We previously had an independent plumber who used tools from Home Depot, and it obviously didn’t get the job done. We are so happy that we decided to go with a company that uses professional tools and employs individuals that have so much experience. It really makes such a difference knowing you have the job done right and I think any home owner can attest to sleeping better at night knowing your home has been fixed and done right. On top of everything, they worked with us to make sure that this huge job didn’t break the bank and we ended up paying way less than we could have possibly expected for the scope of work. I will always have Justin and Vinny come out to help with any plumbing issues I ever have in the future and will recommend Western Rooter to family and friends.

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