Laurie G. from Azusa

Laura G. from Yelp

Location: Azusa, CA

Review Date: March 29, 2014

Customer Review: Yes!! I found a good plumbing company I can trust.
Yesterday, the main line on our home backed up. Water all over the bathroom floors, water in the tubs. My usual drain cleaner did not help at all.
I called Western on a Saturday morning. Both Maureen and Stephanie were friendly and helpful on the phones. I got the feeling they were ready and able to help.
The plumber came by at 10:30–within the agreed on time of 10am -12pm. The plumber became the hero of the story–Danny Maldonado.
There were quite a few problems cleaning out our line. Danny knows his stuff! Every time we ran into a problem, he knew what to do next. The roto-rooter didn’t work out–something about the fixtures a previous plumber had installed.
Danny ended up going on the roof and cleaning out both the main line and the kitchen. He did not charge me for the rooter that didn’t work–only for the roof.
Danny and Carlos (second man was called in–another very nice guy) and both the roof vents were cleaned out. It was quite a job–it took some time, repeated effort, and more patience than any other plumber I’ve run across!!
They charged me $189 total. $150 for the main line, and $39 for the kitchen.
Western could have talked me into a whole lot of expense, if they had wanted to. This job took a great deal more muscle than a simple rooter job! I am so happy they managed to clear my plumbing so I can live again! And I found a company with integrity that I can recommend to my friends.
If you live in an older house (built in the 50s) or have trees like I do, you might want to try these guys. Unlike many rooters, Western sends out licensed fellows who know a lot about plumbing. They are also unusually patient in working out difficulties without resorting to easy (and expensive) solutions.
Thank you Danny Maldonado, Carlos, Stephanie and Maureen!! And of course, Western Plumbing–the company I will call from now on when i need help with the plumbing.

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