Paul McWilliams from MONROVIA

Paul McWilliams from Angie’s List

Location: MONROVIA, CA 91016

Work Completed Date: July 28, 2009

Hire Again: Yes

Approximate Cost: $223.00

Home Build Year: 1957

Description Of Work: Unclogged (snaked) the bathtub drain, ran the snake in the kitchen drain (preventitive maintenance) and snaked the main line from a roof vent.

Member Comments: I went to shower before work (5am) and bathtub drain was completely clogged. I have been fighting this drain for a little over a year using Draino type products. Nothing was working today. Looking at Angie’s List I contacted Western Rooter and within 1 hour a technician (Jess) arrived. He did a great job and he cleaned the area up. With no pressure we discussed a Main Line snake out and the cost I felt was reasonable and worth doing for preventative maintenance. Mike arrived to assist Jess, they were great. Mike recommended that Jess snake the kitchen drain while on-site, I agreed. Other than the clogged drain everything else was preventative maintenance which is important to me to have done. Mike gave me some great advice on not to use Lye type products and provided a better solution. Also Mike and I discussed a couple future projects (hot water heater replacement and water softener) to see if they were able to install these items. Both Jess and Mike were top notch. I will use them again and I highly recommend them.