Zaida L. from Whittier

Zaida L. from Yelp

Location: Whittier, CA

Review Date: May 13, 2013

Customer Review: Found Western on Yelp, called and they said someone would come in a couple of hours, from 12-1pm, they showed up right at 12!

John and John were courteous, they used tarps, and covered the snake so there was minimal mess (no junk splashing all over my bathroom) and they wiped the floor which was NICE when they were done. Of course, I still need to Clorox the room.

They let me know what was going on, and gave me some helpful advice! We thought we were going to need to replace the flange on the tiled floor but he said it was fine, just needed new screws because the old ones were too loose. Saved us a couple of hundred.

My mom had a guy charge her for $150 to use a snake on clogged pipes 2 weeks ago, we had a guy a couple of months ago charge $150 to use a snake for a clogged kitchen sink and he made a disgusting mess in my kitchen. Western charged $120 to use a snake for up to 80 feet and $1 a foot after that. We paid $120 and have a 90 days warranty.

Something else to consider, the snake barely fit into our old 50’s bathroom door, which is 27 inches wide. So if you live in an older home, take that into consideration. They recommended making another access route outside and warned us about our Jacaranda tree roots out in the front.

 I will definitely be calling Western Rooter in the future for all our plumbing needs! 

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