Water conditioners and water softener systems remove hard minerals from your water.

Does soap scum in the bath tub accumulate? Do you notice your dishes covered in mineral spots? Does it feel hard to rinse off in the shower? Does rust or an off-white dinginess build up in your clothes after washing them? Do your water pipes have exceptionally low water pressure?

Your home could be suffering from Hard Water!

Hard water is filled with excess minerals, like calcium and magnesium. It makes soap and detergents difficult to lather, and even harder to rinse clean. Home owners with unconditioned water may find their bathtubs accumulate more soap scum, dishes have more mineral spots, and showers feel less clean after rinsing. Deposits can accumulate over time, and this can damage water-using appliances, like coffee makers, or humidifiers, and can eventually clog your pipes.

After installing a water softener system, you’ll notice:

  • Better smelling and tasting water
  • Clean, sediment free ice
  • pH neutral water
  • Cleaner freshly-laundered and white garments
  • Less scale build up
  • More efficient water appliances

For most homes and businesses, we highly recommend the Nuvo Water Conditioning Systems

Why Use Nuvo Water Conditioning Systems?

We've found Nuvo water softener systems to be ideal for home and business owners. Installation is simple and straightforward. Cartridges can be replaced easily as well, without the need to call out a plumbing technician. 

How Do Nuvo Water Softening Systems Work?

Nuvo uses revolutionary technology to lower the pH level of water using chelation. Chelation is a process which strips out harmful metal ions (primarily calcium and magnesium) which cause water hardening, and bonds them to the chelating agent, so they aren’t flowing freely in your water supply. As the water flows through the softening system, the filters chelate (bind) and sequester (isolate) mineral ions, so they are unable to precipitate out, and cannot form scale.

The Nuvo CitraCharge formula stops the mineral ions from causing hard water problems by making the typically troublesome minerals stay apart in the water, so instead of attaching to the metal in the pipes the water passes through. Since they’re bound, those minerals also freely wash away from your body, hair, dishes, pipes, fixtures, and appliances.

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Nuvo Water Softener System

Nuvo Water Softener System

Nuvo Water Conditioning System is Perfect Paired with a Noritz Tankless Water Heater

Nuvo Water Conditioning System is Perfect Paired with a Noritz Tankless Water Heater